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IILM UBS aims to create a learning environment that is active, collaborative as well as one that cultivates ‘learning relationships’, wherein learning takes place amongst peer groups, allowing students to actively engage and develop crucial social skills. Moreover, these educational experiences enhance the academic abilities of the students, as they are not limited to assignments […]

4 Key Career Benefits from MBA Programs

MBA is often said to be the preferred Master’s education for those looking to work in the corporate world. A degree that grooms you personally and professionally to stay ahead in the rat race, an MBA from a reputed institute can put you miles ahead of your peers at your workplace. Its multidisciplinary approach is […]

Family Business Expansion: BBA Degree Overview

In an economy as booming as India’s, a lot has been attributed to the rise of entrepreneurship in the country. Be it your small-scale businesses to large MNCs, everyone has played their role. Family businesses too are extremely popular in India, with many young ones aspiring to join the same when they complete their education. […]

What are the Benefits of Specialised Mentoring?

Young minds are often given to traverse the depths of aspirations and opportunities to find the right path. Even though strong in will and ambitious in actions, the surmounting problem of a future life can be arduous to tackle alone. One then needs assistance from an expert who understands these goals and can guide you […]


With high-quality academics and impressive study abroad programmes, IILM is ranked amongst the top tier B-schools in the country. It’s been 25 years since the inception of the venerable management institute and through the years, IILM has displayed incessant and consistent efforts to deliver superior quality education to its students. This dedicated commitment has been […]

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