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Frequently Asked Questions
The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) our admissions’ team receives from prospective students interested in the IILM University.

Q 1. When was IILM established?

A. IILM was established in 1993.

Q 2. Where all does IILM have its presence?

A. We have campuses in Gurgaon, New Delhi, Greater Noida, Lucknow & Jaipur.

Q 3. When was IILM Gurgaon established?

A. 2003

Q 4. When did IILM Gurgaon become a University?

A. We were granted University status in 2018

Q 5. Is IILM University recognised by UGC?

A. Yes IILM University has been established under the Haryana Private state Universities act. It is recognised by UGC

Q 6. After completion of IILM University degree, can I apply government job?

A. You are eligible to apply for any job in India or abroad, provided you meet the criteria.

Q 7. What is the student faculty ratio?

A. 1:10 is the student faculty ratio

Q 8. Where is IILM Gurgaon located?

A. IILM Gurgaon is centrally located on the golf course road in Gurgaon in the heart of the Millennium city. Address is 1 Knowledge Centre, Golf course road, sector 53, Gurgaon 122003.

Q 9. How can I access the college, is Public transport available?

A. Yes, we are 100 metres away from the Rapid Metro station sector 55.

Q 10. What is Liberal Education?

A. Liberal Education is a multidisciplinary system of education where the student is trained to analyze a problem with widespread prospective and provide new age innovative solutions. It enables the student to acquire life skills which help him grow throughout his life making him highly employable in the industry.

Q 11. How Liberal Education is different from conventional system of education?

A. Liberal Education allows the students to choose across programs and make a combination of courses that interest them. It gives the students freedom to pursue their passion.

Q 12. Will Liberal Education degree prepare me for postgraduate study?

A. Yes

Q 13. What is the difference between a normal degree and an honors degree?

A. Honors degree is an in-depth learning programme having more number of subjects and better job prospects.

Q 14. Where are the faculties from ?

A. All Faculties at IILM are Phd’s from well known institutes and universities across india and abroad. You may check our webpage for the same

Q 15. Does IILM have international partnerships?

A. Yes, IILM has several international partnerships across the globe, refer to the website.

Q 16. Name a few companies where I can get a job?

A. IILM has excellent relationships with several MNC’s, these companies visit the campus each year for various opportunities. Our students do their summer internships, live projects and final placements with reputed companies like Google, Amazon, PWC, KPMG, SAPIENT, SAP, Airtel, HDFC, etc to name a few.

Q 1. What are the courses offered? How can I choose them?

A. IILM has four schools which offer UG & PG courses, course list here. The selection for courses are made based on interest and pre-requisite of the course.

Q 2. What are the additional or value added courses at IILM?

A. Value added courses are the courses that lead to holistic development of the student, the detailed list can be seen on the website.

Q 3. Do these courses carry credits?

A. They don’t carry credits . However, the students has to pass the courses he had opted.

Q 4. If a student is unable to clear the value added courses can she/he get a degree?

A. No, the student has to clear these courses.

Q 5. Can a student opt for more than one value added courses in one semester ?

A. No he/she can’t

Q 6. Can I apply to more than one course? Can I do it in a single application?

A. Yes, However, if you opt for courses in different groups, then you will need to fill out separate applications.

Q 7. What will be the title of the Degree by the university?

A. The title of the degree will be Undergraduate Degree or Post graduate degree eg.:

  • BA(Hons) Liberal Arts
  • Bsc (Hons) Computer Science
  • B.A. (Honors) Design
  • B.B.A

Q 8. What is the duration of the courses at IILM?

A. UG courses have duration of 3 years and PG for 2 years.

Q 9. Can I study courses from any other programme in the University?

A. Yes

Q 10. Can you please brief me about the Programmes offered by IILM University ?

A. IILM University has three schools namely:School of Liberal Arts, School of Management, and School of Law. Each school offers a variety of courses.

Q 11. Do you teach any foreign language in the courses at IILM?

A. Yes, we offer German, French, Spanish & other languages asked by students depending on class size (minimum batch of 10 students).

Q 12. Do you offer a Bcom Program?

A. Yes, We have BCom (H) degree

Q 13. What is the job opportunity after liberal arts program in Psychology?

A. Psychology has several specializations, depending on which you major in you can opt for an office job in industrial psychology, work in hospitals, Industries & hotels. Most organisations has a psychologist on board.

Q 14. What is the scope of artificial intelligence program?

A. New product design, heavy industries, gaming, medical industry, banking and financial sector, air transport, etc are the prime industries having immense scope in artificial intelligence.

Q 15. What is the difference between artificial intelligence and Technology and Innovation?

A. Artificial intelligence is learning by doing, a research-based course whereas Technology and Innovation is centred around using existing technologies in a creative and innovative manner.

Q 16. Will I get any international exposure?

A. Yes , you can opt for Summer schools after first year, student exchange programs, semester abroad, global study tour to partner Universities and even do an internship abroad.

Q 17. Do i have to pay extra for the international exposure?

A. Yes

Q 18. How is the assessment done?

A. Assessment is done with various components within the course, each course has a unique assessment pattern. The components of assessment range from simulations, quizes, presentations, individual and group projects, assignments, online tests and end term examination.

Q 19. What is the grading system at IILM?

A. It is a credit based system

Q 20. How many credits do I need to study in one year to complete degree program?

A. Each student needs to complete 148 credits in the three years of Undergraduate program (credits are equally distributed across three years.) For a Post-graduate program a student needs to achieve 120 credits.

Q 21. Are Students required to do some kind of internship over summer vacation?

A. Yes, after the second year & third year

Q 22. What are the job options after MSc- Technology and Innovation?

A. Multiple job options like Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Research Engineer, Technical Manager, Strategy/Innovation Manager.

Q 23. Why B.Sc is for 3 years not 4 years?

A. Because it is a specialized program wherein student have the option to undergo industrial training in the fourth year and get equivalent expertise than 4 year conventional programs

Q 24. What do I learn in B.A. (Honors) Public Policy ?

A. Public Policy course develops the skills necessary for understanding the political constraints faced by policy makers, assessing policy implementation, evaluating the effectiveness of policies, and appreciating the sharp conflicts in fundamental human values.

Q 25. What are the job opportunities after B.A. (Honors) in Public Policy ?

A. After this course the students can be absorbed by Sink Tanks, Government Bodies, Public Policy making Bodies, Academics and NGO’s.

Q 1. Can I visit the IILM University campus, before applying for admission?

A. Yes

Q 2. Does IILM Provide Career counselling, is it chargeable ?

A. Yes we do provide career counselling by experts and its free of cost.

Q 3. Can Parents Attend the counselling instead of Students?

A. Yes, however for interview candidate has to be present.

Q 4. Where do I get a copy of the application form?

A. The IILM’s application form is available online or from campus.

Q 5. What is the process of registering for a career counselling session at IILM?

A. The process of registering requires you to fix an appointment via the admission office and availability of subject matter experts will be ascertained.

Q 6. What documents do I need to submit for admissions?

A. 3 Passport size photos, aadhar card copy, passport copy, 10th, 12th and graduation marksheet (if applicable), proof of income and any other certificates for proof of scholarship.

Q 7. How and when should I submit these documents?

A. These documents are required before interview process, you can scan and send online or carry with you on day of interview.

Q 8. What is admission process?

A. As mentioned below:

  1. Filling of application (hard copy /online )
  2. Shortlisting of application
  3. Offer Letter and fee structure
  4. Admission after fee payment

Q 9. Once I have submitted the application, when will I hear from you?

A. Within 24-48 Hrs working hours.

Q 10. Is there any Age Limit for the Admission?

A. Yes as per eligibility conditions for each programme, grant of admission is discretion of admission committee

Q 11. How much is the registration fee?

A. The registration fee is 90,000 INR

Q 12. Is the registration fee refundable?

A. Yes, the registration fee is refundable, 1,000 INR is deducted and 74000 is refunded. It is refunded until commencement of classes.

Q 13. How do I send in my academic transcripts/mark sheets, other documents and photographs required as part of the application?

A. Physically or you may scan/ upload the documents as part of the online application form.

Q 14. How will the IILM verify my transcripts/documents?

A. At the time of joining the programme, you need to bring all the original documents with you which will be verified by our admission committee.

Q 15. How do I accept the offer of admission?

A. By remitting admission fee per programme within the deadline specified.

Q 16. Can the admission offer acceptance date be extended?

A. No. The acceptance dates are fixed by the Admissions Committee.

Q 17. Can a student having less than 50% aggregate apply?

A. Students below the eligibility criteria will be considered only under special circumstances. Contact admission department for details.

Q 18. Do I have to be proficient in languages to fulfill the language requirement?

A. The medium of instruction is English, basic comfort written and spoken in the programs is required. Language skills are also enhanced during your course.

Q 20. What is the eligibility criteria for UG courses?

A. A minimum of 50% marks aggregate in senior secondary (10+2). Details may vary as per the course. Refer program website for the same.

Q 19. Which competitive examination scores does IILM accept for MBA admissions?


Q 1. What is the fee structure?

Q 2. What is my approximate expenditure for a course I choose to study?

A. Refer to program fee document.

Q 3. If I pay the entire fee cash down will I get any discount?

A. No

Q 4. What is the cost of accommodation?

A. Cost of accommodation is 1 lac per year for 2018 admissions for all programs.

Q 1. Does IILM provide internships and placements?

A. Yes, we assist you in the placement process.

Q 2. Does IILM Guarantee placements?

A. IILM facilitates placement assistance, 500+ corporates connect with IILM for recruitment process each year, Several opportunities are made available to students

Q 3. What are the rules for refund of fee in case of cancellation of admission?

A. In case of cancellation of admission, fee will be refunded as per the rules.

Q 3. Would the institute assist me in getting my programme financed from bank?

A. Yes

Q 4. Is there any scholarship offered at IILM?

A. Yes, we have under different category as per university norms, ranging from 20-100%

Q 5. Does the programme provide campus placement services?

A. Yes

Q 6. Do you provide Start up facilities?

A. Yes, we have incubation center for startup

Q 7. Does IILM have any clubs and societies for students ?

A. Yes we have 21 clubs and societies, these range from all disciplines and passions of the students. A student is free to form his or her own club as well.

Q 1. Is there any Facilities for staying during counselling process?

A. No.

Q 2. What residential facilities would I get as a student of IILM?

A. IILM is residential for girls and boys.

Q 3. What is the cost of accommodation?

A. Cost of accommodation is One Lac Twenty Thousand Per Year (2018 admissions) for all programs.

Q 4. What are facilities provided to Hostelers?

A. Meals (3 times a day & refreshments), wifi, laundry equipment, recreation lounge-with fridge & microwave, gym, air conditioned rooms with inbuilt toilets, RO with 24/7 security.

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