IILM University provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue their passions in areas other than academics. Students are able to pursue a variety of hobbies and activities that enhance their social, cultural, and intellectual experience at IILM University with the assistance of the more than 16 clubs on campus. Opportunities for aesthetic appreciation and social value are thus a beneficial addition to the educational experience.

At IILM University, clubs and societies are bodies that design their own leadership structure and modes of functioning.These clubs have diverse interests and pursuits with a common objective and focal interest area that affiliates them to a single domain and binds them together.

The IILM Cultural Club: Utsav, the health & sports club: Rejuven8, the environment club: Prakratik, the book club: Readers in the Rye, the finance club: Fundwiser, the journalism, media and communication club: Nazariya, the theatre club: Junoon are some examples of the student clubs at IILM University. These clubs are completely led by students. They meet regularly and organize various competitions and events.


  • To impart skills for development and enhancement of personality of students.
  • To improve communication skills, team work and decision-making power.
  • To enhance spirit of healthy competition among the students.
  • To enhance the participation level among the students.
  • To provide students with networking opportunities and develop organization and management skills.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Megha Kochhar

Departmental clubs at IILM University:

1. Nazariya: The Journalism Club
2. wEvolve: The Psychology Club
3. Meraki: The Design Club
4. Lex Clava: The Law Club
5. The Fundwiser: The Finance Club
6. Placement Committee
7. Synergy: the HR and Marketing Club
8. Chronicles: The History & IR Club
9. iFLIE Club
10. Unibiz – The Business Club
11. AI SyncTech

Cultural Clubs at IILM University:

1. Utsav: The Cultural Club
2. The Readers in the Rye: The Literary Society
3. Prakritik: The Environment Club
4. Aawaz Club
5. Junoon: The Theatre Club
6. Rejuven8: The Health & Lifestyle Club
7. Yuva Goonj: The NGO Club


Nazariya-The Journalism Club

IILM Journalism society: Nazariya as the word says is the way we look at society. The watcher’s eyes.

The club is driven by a student body with our teams across departments. We report events from college to the world. We also organize learning events and cultural activities that help students learn holistically. Our weekly newspaper The Thinkster is also part of the same departmental club activity.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Aditi Gupta Riya David Apoorva Goel

Meraki-The Design Club

Meraki – meaning “The soul, creativity, or love put into something” was started out by the design students of IILM University, Gurgaon with the help of the design faculty. It has various different subsets to it including the Fashion Team, Interior Team, Talks, Research & Collaboration, and Social Media.

The club’s motive is to help spark the creativity of the students of IILM along with helping them gain more insight about the world of design.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Bimbita Arora Singh Gracy Nandika Tyagi

wEvolve-The Psychology Club

The club was formed to sensitize the students about the relevance and importance of mental health. The agenda of the club is threefold-

1) Sensitising students about the mental health issues
2) Providing psychological aid and help to the ones who require any assistance
3) Promoting positive mental health for all

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Shriya Vashist Vijeta Ekta Banga

The Fundwiser-The Finance Club

The Finance Club of IILM University Fundwiser deals with all things finance in a fun approach. The finance enthusiasts of the club put forward ideas and activities that not only harness our finance skills but also help us apply them in real life. Starting for Instagram stories, quiz, to posts of various Finance articles, terms, tricks, and hacks it helps to provide us a platform to sharpen our financial literacy.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Charu Bansal Poulomy Mukherjee Ashish Batra

Chronicles-The History & IR Club

The History & IR club, is a student run club that will deal with events of the past and rational political predictions of the future. Through books, cinema, Debates, discussions, and other Inter cultural events, it will engage the students into learning what happened in the past and how it is affecting events happening in contemporary politics: at the local, national and international levels.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Apala Vatsa Somil Jaiswal Avni Jain

iFLIE Club

IILM Centre for Entrepreneurship Development & Innovation (ICEDI) encourages the exchange of innovative ideas that will shape the future of entrepreneurship. The mission of creating entrepreneurs is achieved through the vibrant culture of participation in structured courses, webinars, seminars, discussions, and via a series of entrepreneur’s talks, business simulation games and mentoring.

IILM accelerates new ventures by providing emerging entrepreneurs access to opportunities, community, and critical resources. The ecosystem at ICEDI facilitates ventures from the first stage of ideation to gap analysis, validation, prototype development, testing onto the final stages of commercialization. The art of making a business plan, pitching business ideas, building networks, and scaling up are learned at ICEDI under the incubation centre.

IILM established IILM Institution’s Innovation Council in the year 2018. The composition of council is based on the guidelines provided by MHRD’s Innovation Cell. Students and faculty members participate in many activities organized by the IIC and MHRD’s Innovation Cell. ILM IIC commits to engrave leadership and management skills in their students through a host of initiatives like personalized mentoring, interaction with domain experts, live company projects, workshops, events and conferences, thought evoking activities/games, networking, sessions with start-up founders, and simulations to initiate and develop the entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Esha Jain Manav Goel Saher Kaicker

Synergy-the HR and Marketing Club

The Synergy club is an amalgamation of HR and marketing students under the guidance and motivation of faculty members. The objective of the club is to unite the students keen on learning the aspects of marketing as well as human resources. The club aims to mix and match diverse activities for the ultimate grooming and skill (marketing and HR-specific skills) development of the students. The students will be able to gain and share knowledge through individual and collaborative participation. The club activities will acquaint the students with opportunities for problem-solving in marketing and HR issues. It will help the students shape themselves as industry-ready. The core team of the club looks after the social media, events, industry interface, treasury and alumni relations.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Priyanka Kaushik & Shweta Tiwari Shreya Majumdar Mahima

Lex Clava-The Law Club

Lex Clava, is a student-run law club of IILM law School. It engages students in various kind of activities, academic and social. It comprises students from all the academic years. As a part of Lex Clava, you will have the opportunities to participate in various extra-curricular activities, mooting, legal aid activities, connecting with new friends, and building a unique five-year experience. Come join the club to enjoy the full experience of studying law.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Udiksha Chhikara

The Readers in the Rye-The Literary Society

Book club is a highly social platform where all interested students can join and broaden their perspective through reading. The club invites an array of readers from avid to starters; to read, formulate opinions, and discuss stories from a wide array of genres.

Book club will help delve into a character’s motivations, the relationships between protagonists and antagonists, themes, metaphors and more so that students both understand an author’s purpose and begin to draw their own conclusions. This will lead to brush their critical reasoning and thinking.

The club will be a boisterous place for all readers and dream voyeurs to come and dwell into different stories and experience a different world at university itself.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Aditi Gupta Sheen Misra Gouri Kumar

Placement Committee

Placement Club , also popularly known as SCOP Team is run by the students, and works for the benefit of the students.

The Team closely works with the Placement Department for all kinds of student coordination for Placements & Internships related activities. Whether it is coordination with Corporates, students preparation for Group discussions, Interviews, the team works in sync with the Placement Department.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Simmi Tikkoo Ms. Zoya Parasher (MBA Batch 2021-23) Mr. Raman Jaiswal (MBA Batch 2021-23)

Prakritik-The Environment Club

The club aims to develop a deeper understanding of the present environmental situation
and to delve on the mechanism that can truly help us obtain an interaction between the
environment and the society that is optimal and balanced. Despite, the prevalence of many theories of climate change, it is also important for us to recognize the extent to which these theories are implementable or have been implemented. The aim of the club is to look at Environmental conservation and the challenges that are posed at a micro as well as macro level, exploring it through an interdisciplinary manner.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Kolyaani Gupta

Club Utsav-The Cultural Society

One of IILM’s largest clubs, Utsav, may figuratively be described as The University’s life.

Our Culture, Ethics, Values, Morals, and Motives is what makes us, Utsav!

The Club is responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute around the year. We strive to bring out the hidden talent of the students of the college. It is the place where students can showcase what they have got. It helps to discover their talent. Cultural events include competitions such as instrumental, singing, dance etc. Every year this club organizes activities such as Talent Hunt, Fresher’s Party, Farewell and Fests. Cultural club also celebrates festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Republic & Independence Day, Lohri, Navratri etc which creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Every year this club looks for active participation of students from various courses in cultural activities which results in enhancement of the personal skills and experiences like confidence, self-presentation; teamwork and collaboration, time management and organizational skills, self-awareness, self-discipline, open-mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas, communication skills, the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Aditi Gupta Shivani Dhiman Rishabh Gugalani

Aawaz Club

Every individual has a story to tell, a perspective to share and an emotion to express. It is with these “voices” that we started Aawaz Club at IILM University in 2018 that provides opportunities for young talent to express themselves through poems, creative writing, articles, songs and so much more. Thus blogs, theater performances, Open mics, podcasts have become some of the mediums to communicate the voices of every IILMite. Events such as Aawaz-e-Goonj, IILM Shazam, Open Mic and theatrical performance on Gurupurab are some of the many exciting events held offline and online.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Urvashi Nandrajog Kanishka Sarna Mehek

Junoon-The Theatre Club

The Junoon Club is about exploration of self and the world, through the techniques of theater.
The objective of the club, apart from creating theatrical productions, street plays and other
performative events, is to develop the students’ understanding of critical social issues that need to be addressed. With the widening of social awareness, students are able to develop cognitive abilities that augment critical thinking and problem solving. Outcome of club activities include intellectual growth as well as emotional catharsis, which helps students positively deal with the stress and demands of everyday life. Furthermore, the students build comprehension and oratory skills, a spirit of team work, and confidence in public speaking and presentation.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Ruchika Rai Anshika Nimita Sahi

Rejuven8-The Health & Sports Club

Rejuven8-The Health and Sports Club promotes active lifestyles by assuring the overall community’s physical and emotional well-being, from developing a workout regimen and eating healthy to managing stress and increasing happiness quotient. The Club also encourages making positive decisions and abstaining from bad behaviours through engaging seminars, highly participative activities, outings, and life and health coaching. As they acquire self-discipline, self-confidence, life skills, healthy eating habits, and access to adequate healthcare facilities, Rejuven8 helps pupils analyse society perspectives and one’s own ideals. A variety of activities have been used in the last three years to imbue and improve life skills.

We’ve hosted Workshops and Talks by fitness experts, motivational speakers and doctors on Managing Stress and Time. We’ve also hosted one on one Nutrition guidance from renowned nutritionists for each of our students. Other than these, Tabata, Zumba, Yoga, Raahgiri, Tug of War, Treasure Hunt, Fitness camps, sports days, table tennis, intercollege basketball Match, volleyball, cricket have been an active part of our set of events hosted on campus.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Avinash Gautam Rimjhim Prapti

Yuva Goonj

The aim of Yuva Goonj is to work for humanity without any discrimination, while ensuring that our students become responsible members of society. The members are also encouraged to instill values and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the social, cultural and educational conditions of society. All the activities are in line with IILM University’s mission of being inclusive and responsible towards the world at large.

Yuva Goonj works towards achieving different milestones so as to complete their goals. Our members have volunteered for initiatives such as educating the underprivileged children, developing skill sets of blue collar workers, educating underprivileged women in the neighbouring villages, organising blood donation camps and mobilizing resources for those in need, protecting stray animals, organizing fundraiser events, recognising, all the while appreciating and learning from good samaritans. The club has been active since 2013. The club collaborates with organizations to support different causes that can benefit society. Teens of God and Aravindam Foundation are regularly visited by our team.

Faculty Coordinator President Vice President
Jasdeep Chadda Aagman Ridhima Khetan

Unibiz - The Business Club


AI SyncTech

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