EcoRep is a student initiative. Students from IILM work together to make the campus sustainable and better.

IILM University Campus is lined with lush green trees within the periphery, nurtured with deep sense of creating a green lung within the surrounding area. Trees are well cared for. The IILM family believes in focusing on the conservation of natural resources and intelligent management of the same. Our EcoReps’ team is entrusted with building traction on green consciousness, use of solar technologies that promote environmental cleanliness. Our efforts are channelized towards sensitization of every individual on the Campus about hazardous conditions that include global warming, climatic changes, pollution (unnecessary honking and playing loud music on the campus that is home to bird species nesting in trees), promotion of proper waste disposal and segregation, the significance of planting trees, etc. We organize a presentation.

The focus areas for the year 2019-2020:
  • Water & energy conservation. Promote use of solar lamps, solar driven water heating/purification/etc.
  • No burning of leaves. Foliage & kitchen waste compost used in garden
  • Roof & vertical garden. To promote sustainable agriculture
  • Garbage segregation – wet & dry, for recycling
  • Gradual shift towards no plastic use on the Campus
  • Encourage use of cloth bags, paper bags, etc.
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Celebrate the Earth Day & spread awareness of its significance
  • Focus on Campus surroundings for plantation drive, cleanliness
  • Health & hygiene, education of their young ones, expecting mothers
  • Provision of mobile toilets with industry support, CSR funds
student initiative EcoRep Club IILM University Gurugram
Activities by Ecoreps

EcoRep activities also include paper recycling, pottery making, with due support from the internal design and craft teams.
We are working towards using all our waste generated on the Campus……

Pottery Design Club Activity at IILM University
Admissions Open for 2024
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