MA Applied Psychology | M Sc Clinical Psychology

2 Years Program

Program Overview

The MA Applied Psychology typically emphasizes a broad understanding of psychological theories, research methods, and applications. The objectives include fostering critical thinking, research skills, and a nuanced understanding of human behavior. The course is equipped for careers in counselling, social services, and focusing on the broader aspects of human behavior and mental processes. The program focuses to encourage learners to explore connections between psychology and other disciplines. The curriculum includes the latest trends in Psychology, with emphasis on practical training and fieldwork. The course lays special emphasis on developing confidence, knowledge and capabilities in students for both the research and practical application of psychological theories.

MA Applied Psychology programs thus emphasizes a broader, more applied, or humanistic approach to the field. This may include a focus on counselling, therapy, or other aspects of the human experience beyond the strict scientific study of behavior.

The M.Sc. in Psychology often leans toward a more research-oriented, study of the human brain and neuroscience. Objectives include developing advanced research skills, critical analysis, and expertise in research and applications in the field of Psychology. Students are prepared for roles in research, academia, specialized clinical and applied settings. The program aims to produce professionals capable of contributing to the advancement of psychological knowledge and its practical applications.

MSc in Psychology programs typically have a stronger emphasis on the scientific and research aspects of psychology. This may involve a focus on experimental design, statistical analysis, and empirical research.


This specialization equips students in better understanding the day-to-day dynamics along with development of people management techniques and practices through better understanding and application of psychological theories.

This specialization will focus on enhancing mental health awareness, developing a better person-environment fit and building resilience for effective coping and promoting well-being & better quality of life.

This specialization will focus on equipping the learners to seamlessly apply the knowledge and skills of assessment, diagnosis, counselling and therapeutic interventions in clinical situations.

This specialization will focus on equipping the learners to be able to apply the knowledge and skills of assessment, diagnosis, counselling and therapeutic interventions for varied counselling settings.

This specialization will focus on studying the human behaviour in criminal domain. The focus will be understanding and enabling behavioural change and acceptance in the society.

This specialization will focus on studying the broad spectrum of disabilities being physical and psychological. The idea is to enable individual and family to better integrate in the society and enabling change and rehabilitation in the society.

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What Sets MA/MSc Psychology at IILM University Apart?

MA Psychology / MSc. Psychology programmes is designed to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for all aspects of the professional world. As part of the curriculum students are exposed to the experiential learning through internship, field trips, psychology lab and project work that they do during their master programme.

AT IILM university we have developed strong ties with professionals and leading companies across industries, which enables students to gain valuable insights and exposure through guest lectures, internships, and other industry interactions. This helps students stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in the business world, and prepares them well for successful careers. We have our students worked with organizations during their internship such as Soch, Fortis Hospitals, Rajbala Foundation, Artemis Foundation, Children’s first, Deloitte, Navodaya Educational Foundation, Mind weavers, Manastha Health solutions, Athena Behavioral Health|, EkakiVedam Foundation and Santulan Clinic.
We have a Psychology club WEvolve that is managed and run by the student’s team under the faculty guidance. The idea is to promote mental health, well-being and spread awareness about psychology. There is PsyQuest Magazine for extracurricular engagements that allows students to express themselves and also brings some interesting facts and knowledge-based information for the student.

  • Graduation degree with a minimum of 50% from a recognised University.
  • Students graduating in 2024 are also eligible to apply.

The MA Applied Psychology and MSc. Clinical Psychology programme at IILM University follows a well-crafted course structure that provides students with a holistic understanding of psychology and its applications. The curriculum is constantly updated to ensure that students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills required to excel as per the contemporary challenges and needs of the changing environment.

The programme comprises of two years of coursework spread over four semesters, with internship opportunities in the summer and winter vacations. The coursework covers a wide range of subjects. The programme focuses on building a strong foundation in psychology theory and practice with core courses such as Personality, Research Methodology, Statistics, Organizational Behaviour, Health Psychology, Positive Psychology and more. Below is the semester wise division of the courses of psychology.

Year I | Semester 1
Course TitleCredits
Organizational Behaviour4
Emotional Intelligence4
Research Methodology I4
History of Psychology4
Psychology of Cognition, Emotion and motivation4
Practicum 1-Testing/ Experiments4
Semester 2
Course TitleCredits
Research Methodology – II 4
Philosophy of clinical Psychology4
Psychological testing and assessment4
Health Psychology4
Psychological Well-being4
Communication and Social Skills4
Practicum-2 Testing/Experiments4
Year II | Semester 3
Course TitleCredits
Counselling skills & Techniques4
Positive Psychology & self in the new word 4
Industrial Psy / Applied Social Psy / Psychopathology – I4
Learning & Development /Foundation to Psychoeducation (Applied / Clinical)4
HRM / Forensic Psychology / Psychotherapeutic Intervention4
Practicum/ Field work in Clinical/ Counseling/ OB and Social4
Summer Internship4
Semester 4
Course TitleCredits
Gender- Psychosocial Understanding4
Performance Management /Family and Couple Therapy (Applied / Clinical)4
Consumer Psychology / Peace and sustainability/ Psychopathology - II4
Practicum/ Field work in Clinical/ Counseling/ OB and Social4
Organizational Development & Change /CBT--REBT: BasicApplications / common4
Project/ Dissertation 4
(The names and content of the courses are indicative and may change in the future)

The electives cover a wide range of areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, design, entrepreneurship, mass media and communication. Some of the popular electives include Emotional Intelligence, Forensic Psychology, Psychotherapeutic Intervention and Counselling skills. These electives provide students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the professional world.

The MA Applied Psychology and MSc. Clinical Psychology programme at IILM University is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed and make their mark as skilled professionals. Graduates of the programme have a wealth of career opportunities to choose from and can pursue roles in fields such as counselling, consulting, human resources, clinical settings, and more. Some of the common job titles that graduates can explore include:

  • Counsellors
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Research Analytics
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Education
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Data Analysis and Research
  • Government and Public Policy officer
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Social Services and Nonprofits

In addition to these roles, graduates can also consider pursuing leadership positions in startups, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations. Students also have the opportunity to pursue further education or research in the field of psychology.

Admissions Open for 2024
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