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Envisioning a New Fitness Future with Internet of Things (IoT) and Built – In Artificial Intelligence

The world is continuously growing and changing. Various advancements have also occurred when it comes to the technology used in rendering healthcare services. The technology has also played a big role in patient registration and data monitoring. Now there are technologies that allow a healthcare provider to monitor their patients in their own mobile phones.Internet […]

Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Leadership Skill

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is known to be obsessed with getting into the hearts and minds of Amazon customers and his long-term perspective on relationships (and Business strategy) are legendary.Howard Schultz of Starbucks is well known to love the company and its people. Steve Jobs’ biographer attributed some of Jobs’ success in developing creative and […]

How To Effectively Leverage Your MBA Alumni Network

The beauty of completing an MBA degree lies not just in the prestige of being a management graduate but also in the connections you make in your time at the institute. The famed alumni network is always positioned as one of the biggest benefits of doing an MBA; connecting with like-minded, ambitious souls from diverse […]

Is MBA a Good Career Choice for an Engineer?

If you are an engineer who has freshly earned his or her degree, or a seasoned individual working a white collar job in a multi-national, there comes a time when you are faced with the question of ‘what next’. For many, engineering is a means to an end or a truly uninhibited passion. Yet, many […]

Is BBA Beneficial for a Student of Science Stream?

Choosing a stream post the reception of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) is one of the most significant decisions. However, as you go along you might realize that your talent really lies in another field of study altogether. While it is a matter to be considered, it is nothing to give yourself a headache over. […]

My MBA Experience at IILM

An MBA is not merely a degree. It is not merely a course that allows us to gain an entry ticket into the world of corporate functioning and entrepreneurship. It is a pool of experience that we dip into time and again to gain valuable pearls of wisdom and insight. My reflections may resonate with […]

Procedure to Get Admission for MBA Degree in IILM

MBA aspirants have a rather overwhelming experience while applying to B-schools. Most colleges have a complicated and exhaustive admission procedure. Unlike them, IILM provides the applicants with every help they require to simplify the application process. The admission procedure is easy and uncomplicated and has been thoroughly explained under the ‘Admissions’ section of the website: […]

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