Social Initiatives

IILM strives to be the best university and believes that social change is deeply ingrained in our community of business leaders, guiding what we teach in the classroom and how we conduct ourselves in the world. The world needs more socially responsible business leaders who can see and seize the complex challenges that intersect management and society at large. IILM creates and cultivates those leaders.

At IILM, social change is deeply ingrained in our community of business leaders, guiding what we teach in the classroom and how we conduct ourselves in the world. We strive to be the top private university in India therefore at IILM, Social Impact programming is designed to expand its PGDM students’ awareness about the pivotal role that management plays in society. It aims to inspire business leaders to create positive, significant and sustainable impact in the society and the world.

Roshni Rai School
Roshni Rai School makes a positive contribution to the society by helping children who come from the less privileged background to have a good education.

The first step is to motivate parents in the slum colonies to send their children to the school complex for education, both formal and vocational. IILM team members visit the slums on a regular basis to maintain contact with parents. Students of the Roshini Rai School are given complimentary educational kits comprising of textbooks, exercise books, stationery, and uniform. Besides this, they are also provided with mid-day snacks.

Roshni Rai School apart from teaching also organizes activities for the all-round development of the children. Debates, dances, music, craft, English and Hindi skits, recitation of Sanskrit shlokas etc. are some of the other co-curricular activities. Children are also taken on educational excursions. The medical examination is done for students once a year. Total hygiene is maintained in classrooms. Children are also given environmental and moral education. After completing their schooling students have options to pursue their higher studies in variety of courses that IILM University, Gurugram offer which make it best private university in gurugram with courses like law schools, Liberal arts, BBA LLB, BA LLB, BA LLB, B Des, BA, B.Sc. Computer Science.

Social Initiative by IILM
Practicing Social Responsibility

ICHHA, an acronym for “IILM Community Harbouring Hopes for All” is a volunteer driven program at IILM Institute for Higher Education. It was born with a belief that business is not only a profit-making opportunity but also a means to give back to the society. IILM university students pursuing various courses like BBA, MBA, BA LLB, Integrated Law, B.Sc., B.Des., Liberal Arts and others, can become members of Ichha club and contribute through various projects which are undertaken by the club. These projects aim at identifying the needs of the unorganized and underprivileged social sector, understand the key functional processes of NGOs and thus provide them with management-based solutions for their organization and work processes.

Its activities are directed towards creating awareness, educating students about an NPO/NGO, promoting community participation, and providing the platform to students to transfer their knowledge into practical experience. Some of the key projects undertaken by Ichha in the recent past include training on grooming of slum women. This training was imparted to educate women about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to maintain good health. These initiatives are taken at IILM to give back to the society and to sensitize its students about the existing social issues. IILM is the best university in Delhi/NCR which creates leaders of tomorrow.

Donation Drives

The great feeling of giving back to the society, thereby helping the ones who need it more than us, is a tradition which is very dear to IILM and makes it top private university in India. Every year as a part of efforts to help the needy and bring a smile on their faces, the ICHHA club runs Donation Drives. The students, staff and faculty members wholeheartedly donated clothes, warmers, food items and stationery. The overwhelming collection was distributed among the helping staff. And the gleam in their eyes said it all.

Blood donation camp

IILM organizes blood donation camp every year. IILM believes that donating blood is a social activity that helps to save many lives. IILM faculty members and students actively participate in blood donation camps. IILM Students take initiative, contact the Red Cross society, and schedule a date for organizing the camp. Posters are put up at the campus and on social media to generate awareness and motivate blood donors to come forward.

We at IILM understand and appreciate that, as an educational institution, we can make an impact through our collective actions. We assume this responsibility actively, by performing activities that directly advance social goals and makes IILM, Gurugram as top university in delhi.

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