Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The objective of The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to achieve greater understanding of an effective mechanism for promotion of professional management practices in Indian organizations, as well as to stimulate the development of these organizations for the society. The Center provides the tools and knowledge necessary to creatively pursue new opportunities and explore and entrepreneurial mindset.

Through the Center, IILM University aims to create leaders and entrepreneurs, with special focus on women and youth, by ensuring that they are provided access to the entrepreneurial networks. They are mentored and guided to help them grow their ideas, incubate their projects and create change in their local communities. It provides a platform wherein people can create ideas through education, partnerships and collaborations .The Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation advances the knowledge and practices of entrepreneurship and accelerates the commercialization of research.



The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(CIE) envisions to promote innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurial environment in the organization by offering Students, Faculty and Society, opportunities to renovate their business ideas to prototype to business a future where education is a transformative force, research is a catalyst for innovation, and learning is a lifelong journey.


  • To create a vibrant local ecosystem to incubate and support innovative ideas
  • To create entrepreneurship opportunities for Students, Faculty and Society
  • To nurture and support the start-ups by providing them necessary support
  • To provide support to commercialize innovative and sustainable ideas

Dr. Satish Kumar, Associate Professor, School of Management , IILM University, Gurugram


The Centre works under the supervision of –

  • Prof. Sujata Shahi, Vice-Chancellor IILM University, Gurugram
  • Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi, Pro Chancellor IILM University, Gurugram
  • Prof. Satish Kumar, Associate Professor, School of Management , IILM University, Gurugram
  • Prof. Namita Dixit, Associate Professor, School of Management , IILM University, Gurugram
  • Prof. Asha Verma, Professor, School of Law, IILM University, Gurugram
  • Prof. Apala Vats, Asst. Professor, School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts , IILM University, Gurugram
IILM University promotes entrepreneurship and employability with a focus on skill development and technology. This will involve
Step for Enterprise Plan

All the above phases will be supported by an inspirational learning environment which fosters the understanding of disruptive, technological changes; challenges current assumptions, and encourages continuous innovation and learning.

Key Associations
IILM University has signed Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU)with some key organizations to enable associations that encourage Entrepreneurship in Delhi-NCR/Gurgaon . These make IILM University a single window hub of knowledge and incubation for students and budding entrepreneurs
Harton logo

Memorandum of Understanding with Hartron Innovation and Startup Hub

Headstart Logo

Memorandum of Understanding with Headstart Network Foundation

Indian Angel network Logo

Memorandum of Understanding Indian Angel Network Services Private Ltd

Special focus was laid on G20 related awareness cum education campaign and event. Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has referred to today’s youth as nation-builders and leaders of tomorrow. That the whole world is looking at India ‘s youth with hope as they are the growth engines of the world. It is because of this reason that the theme ‘Youth Connect’ was chosen to give this mega event an eventful and energetic start. Students, professors and Vice Chancellors from 75 universities across India have joined for the ‘University Connect’ programme. IILM university is one of the chosen universities.1st National Women Vice Chancellors Conference on Promoting Women Leadership in Higher Education Organized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas IILM University, Gurugram, Haryana on July 17-18, 2023.
The University Connect programme is part of a larger effort to spread awareness of the themes surrounding the G20 summit and engage young minds on the central theme of the G20 summit under India’s presidency, which is “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” promoting multilateralism and global cooperation on sustainable development , climate change, and digital transformation. IILM university as part of university connect Programme organized following events.
Important Events at IILM University Gurugram (July – August 2023)

(a) EVENT NAME: G20 Intercollege Quiz Competition
Organized by: School of Management (MBA)
Date of Event: July 26, 2023

Details: IILM University Gurugram as a part of G20 University Connect: Engaging Young minds organized intercollege G20 quiz in association with IIC. Participants were asked question on G20 countries relating to Business & economy, Travel &tourism, Personalities , famous Places, currency etc. Five Delhi NCR colleges plus IILM University is participated in this event. Total Of 16 teams from 05 Delhi NCR colleges plus IILM University participated in this event.16 teams contested in the Preliminary round. Only 05 teams including one team from BULMIM New Delhi and two teams from NDIM qualified for the Final round.

(b) EVENT NAME: Model G20 – Yuva Manthan
Organized by: School of Law
Date of Event: August 4, 2023

Details: The YUWA MANTHAN G20 university connect, hosted by IILM University, witnessed a vibrant brothering of students from all corners of India, including JNU and Amity university ,Sparking a contagious and enthusiasm among the participants. In the captivating model G20 Summit, students embraced the roles of diverse countries, diving deep into policy deliberations with fervor and passion. The event was nothing short of awe-inspiring, with young minds fearlessly discussing policies that hold the power to shape the future of our world.

(c) EVENT NAME: G20 Intercollege Essay Competition
Organized by: School of Management (MBA)
Date of Event: August 5, 2023

IILM University as part of G20 University connect: Engaging young minds, organized G20 intercollege Essay competition on 5th Aug 2023 on topics:

1) QUALITY EDUCATION: Unlocking Human Transformation & Fostering Social Development!
2) GENDER EQUALITY: Building a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Sustainable World Together!
3) NEW DEVELOPMENT PARADIGM: Shaping the Future, We Desire!

About 45 entries were received from top colleges of Delhi and NCR. These entries were reviewed by panel comprising of senior Faculty members of IILM University. Total of 15 entries qualified for final event held on 5th Aug 2023. Finalist presented their views in front of Judges Panel from G- Cube solutions and Crescendo Global.

Organized by: School of Liberal Arts
Date of event: August 23, 2023

The objectives were to “The Explorer Environmentalist Caretaker’s Journey” with Mr. Mandip Singh Soin, FRGS, Founder, Ibex Expeditions and Founding President – The Responsible Tourism Society of India. He talked about discovering the future of sustainability, adventure travel, and delved into the world of responsible tourism. With interesting anecdotes from his travel expeditions, he encouraged us all to embrace a greener tomorrow together! As the next step following the session on adventure & hiking by Mr. Mandip Singh Soin, it was proposed to set up a Hiking Club in the University. So, in continuation to that, the Hiking club was setup and is operational now.

Organized by: School of Management (MBA)
Date of Event: August 7, 2023

In a thought-provoking seminar led by Dr. Roshni Garg, attendees were immersed in an enlightening discourse on the evolution and significance of systematic literature reviews. Driven by innovation, Dr. Roshni shed light on how systematic reviews have transcended the boundaries of traditional literature reviews, rendering them more scientific and robust. She emphasized that systematic reviews represent an innovative leap in scholarly pursuits, as they provide a structured and comprehensive methodology that goes beyond the often subjective and biased nature of traditional reviews. Dr. Garg illustrated how systematic reviews follow a meticulous process that involves defining research questions, rigorous inclusion/exclusion criteria, and an objective analysis of existing literature. This approach ensures that systematic reviews are not only more scientific but also more reliable and reproducible. Furthermore, Dr. Garg introduced innovative digital tools and software that aid researchers in conducting systematic reviews more efficiently. These tools streamline the data extraction process and facilitate the synthesis of vast bodies of literature, showcasing how innovation can significantly enhance the quality of research outcomes.

Organized by: School of Management (MBA)
Date of Event: July8, 2023

In order to create awareness among younger generation and to promote the concept of Merging Blockchain and Carbon Footprint Reduction Elements on a Single platform the IILM University Gurugram conducted a session for newly inducted students of postgraduate and undergraduate students on 08th July2023. The event was conducted in an offline i.e., Physical mode at IILM University, Gurugram campus.
The topic for the expert talk was – Merging Blockchain and Carbon Footprint Reduction Elements on a Single platform by Mr.Viresh Keshri. Mr.Viresh Keshri started Offset Global Technologies Private Limited to establish the first Indian carbon marketplace. His vision is to help many companies reach zero carbon efficiently and strategically. Offset Go has numerous services, from the carbon footprint arsenal to reporting tools for developing and trading SDG-based carbon credit on a Blockchain platform.
He discussed about the Offset Go which began using carbon credits to reward poor Indian waste management and recycling practices. It established an innovation lab and hired people from top universities like DTU, IIT, etc., to conduct research and conceptualise the business model. As a result, the Indian carbon markets rose to the top value chain of desirability due to their enormous and untapped potential. Early in the journey, Mr. Viresh’s vision helped the company receive honours from organisations such as Harvard University, Celo, and UNDP.

Organized by: School of Management (MBA)
Date of Event: July6, 2023

To create awareness among younger generation and to promote the concept of Sustainability and achieving Problem-Solution fit from Waste material, IILM University Gurugram conducted a session on achieving Problem-Solution fit & Product-Market fit for newly inducted students of postgraduate and undergraduate students on 06th July2023. The event was conducted in an offline i.e., Physical mode at IILM University, Gurugram campus. The topic for the expert talk was -The Buzz (Or is it fashion?) Words we have been hearing more during the past about two decades-Global Warming, UNFCCC, Climate change, Greenhouse Gases etc.
He highlighted about the Rice Husk Ash: An environmental nuisance in Industrial areas. He discussed about understanding the WASTE and other bulk wastes, both industrial and domestic Like Vegetable mandi waste, peel offs of vegetables etc. Prof. Chari shared his innovations related to conversion of upola Furnace Slag, Sludges from various treatment plants to the Bricks to use for pavement construction along road side. He explained about the concepts of circular economy and various efforts to be undertaken to ensure SUSTAINABILITY through conservation of natural resources by recycling bulk industrial waste through new products/services development. To ensure about circular economy, he discussed about Ever declining and deteriorating environment quality, and Conservation of all natural resources.

IILM University Faculty participated in multiple panel discussions in other colleges like Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University to create better awareness about entrepreneurship and the opportunities offered by the Government of India to encourage start-ups. These panel discussions shared the eco-system available for students who have entrepreneurial mindset and motivate them to take baby steps to launch their ventures.

On 15th October 2018, a workshop was conducted at IILM university to help it’s students to create and develop new ideas . The basis of any entrepreneurial venture is the idea that fulfills a latent or obvious customer need. Additionally that idea should have the ability to be commercialized.

With the objective of facilitating and harnessing the undergraduate and post-graduate students’ entrepreneurial aspirations , Mr Sanjeeva Shivesh ,Founder & CEO, The Entrepreneurship School, conducted a session discussing the process of ideation , how to evaluate ‘The Idea’ and it’s potential to turn into a successful business.

Students from IILM University Entrepreneurship Club participated and supported the E-cell of IIT-Kharagpur , which organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive(EAD) and Local Startup Meet(LSM) at India Habitat Centre, Delhi on Monday, 15 October 2018. Students got to interact with reputed speakers like Mr.Subhadeep Sanyal, principal, Omnivore Partners(community partner), Mr.Saurabh Kaushik (CEO Peopleist India), Mr. Annu Grover(Green Evangelist-MD at Nurturing Green).

The event resulted in a lot of new learnings for the attendees. Workshops helped developing a sense of teamwork and refining the thought process which was the primary motive. Moreover, networking with entrepreneurs and participating in workshops helped students gain practical experience of how a start-up functions. It also exposed the students on the start-up ecosystem and helped them understand how the startups have to pitch their business model in front of the investors to raise capital for a startup business.

The first of the Startup Saturday was hosted at IILMU on 25th August 2018. This was in alliance with Headstart Network Foundation ( HAS), which is India’s largest grassroots level organization that supports entrepreneurship and startups.

There were over 100 budding and aspiring entrepreneurs who participated in the event.

The speakers at the events were Amit Ramani , Founder & CEO, Awfis Space Solutions ; Abhishek Mohan ,Vice –President Sequoia ; Shailendra Ahuja, Director, Aviant Capital Advisors ; Aditya Dev Sood, Founder , Startereum ; Vinayak Mishra, Principal Associate , Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. and Jasveer Singh,QIK . The event was anchored by Ojasvi Bhatia , Co-ordinator Gurgaon Chapter of HAS. The students of the Entrepreneurship Club worked closely with Headstart to ensure that it was a fantastic learning experience for the internal and the external audience.

On 11th July 2018 , new entrants to the management program , attended the orientation of the Entrepreneurship Club , which is an important student body that focusses on undertaking initiatives that expose the students to various conferences, workshops and interactions related to entrepreneurship.

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