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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 in any Discipline

Program Overview

IILM Institute for Business and Management, IILM University prepares the leaders of tomorrow to embrace the paradigm changes happening around the world and understand the rapidly changing business landscape by developing a global perspective, channelized through the framework of liberal education.

BBA Program is a full-time, three-year, Undergraduate Program aimed at preparing young graduates for higher studies, employability and to nurture their intellectual, personal, interpersonal and societal skills.

This program aligned to IILM University’s ethos includes giving the students freedom of choice whereby they can pick up disciplines from multiple verticals. This in process helps them specialize in two areas of their choice (major and minor) adding to their employability quotient and making them capable to handle any challenges they face during their careers. Being part of IILM University, students will have the benefit of pursuing liberal education and select minors courses like Psychology, Design Fundamentals, Material Manipulation.

The program imparts students with contemporary skill sets such as analytical, decision-making, technical, interpersonal skills and is meant for students who desire to build their professional competence with higher knowledge and develop a holistic personality.

Key features of the Programme:

  • A wide variety of courses are offered to expose our students to contemporary business topics being a liberal education university.
  • Provides a comprehensive learning experience, to educate the students about global business practices through invited guest speaker talks.
  • Enables our students to be aware of their social responsibility by giving opportunity of 2 weeks internship with an NGO.
  • Mandates 6-8 weeks summer internship / live projects to make the students future prepared and job ready.
  • Open avenues for foreign education through summer school / global trek / student exchange opportunities.

Curriculum at a Glance:

India today requires dynamic managers in every field and this course prepares young professionals to be responsible and responsive to the demands of society in an ever-changing environment. It builds the necessary skills in young students to excel in the world of management by giving knowledge in all necessary areas. The course deals not only in the technical skills but it also includes several soft skills which give an extra edge to the students in their arena of managerial capabilities.

The program aims at preparing students in the context of the ever-changing environment in global business. It develops the ability of students to apply such concepts to practical situations and provides a comprehensive learning experience, designed to educate the students about global practices.

The curriculum incorporates blended and experiential learning through Global Study, International Trek, Company Visits and Summer Internship. Business Simulation and Case Studies are core pedagogies in the classrooms.

The curriculum offers courses across different areas listed below:

Year 1:

  • Introductory Microeconomics
  • MATH
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to World History
  • Introduction to Excel and Computing
  • Environmental Studies and SDG
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology: Politics of Society
  • Introduction to Art and Culture
  • Academic Writing
  • Accounting
  • Internship/NGO Immersion/Summer School

Year 2:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Minor-1
  • Minor-2
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Language I
  • Research Methods
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Business Negotiation
  • Management of Technology
  • Foreign Language-II
  • Minor-3
  • Minor-4
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Summer Internship (Corporate)

Year 3:

  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3
  • Minor-5
  • Business Analytics
  • Dissertation
  • Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Minor-6
  • Purposeful Life Choices
  • Elective 4
  • Elective 5

*These are Indicative, the students can choose electives for specialization.

Summer Internships

Summer Internship is an integral part of the curriculum at IILM. The short-term experience during the summer internships offers the important opportunity to work closely with professionals in the chosen field and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to career goals. BBA curriculum requires students to pursue an internship in two phases:

Phase-1: In this phase, the students are required to pursue a minimum two weeks of internship at an NGO at the end of year 1, enabling them to be aware of their social responsibility.

Phase-2: This phase mandates 6-8 weeks summer internship with corporates/Industry at the end of year-2. This helps in providing hands-on experience to the students making the students future prepared and job-ready with the demands of the professional world.

Programme Mode of Delivery

Full Time Mode – 3 Years (six semesters)

  • Summer Internship is compulsory
  • Global Study for 10 days (Optional)
  • Summer School (2-3 weeks: Optional)
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