ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 level from any recognized board in India or Overseas

Course Objective

IILM Law School at IILM University aims at skill-based education through the BA LLB (Honours). The goal is to facilitate self-orientation in the students to ensure that they respond to the needs and challenges of the contemporary world. The discipline of law is more of applied science, therefore an understanding of its principles has to be absolutely thorough in order to apply them effectively in any practical situation.

How does it address the contemporary needs?

The syllabus has been created while keeping in mind the fast-changing nature of the society and the future of workplace and the required competencies in the students to understand and respond to the same, efficiently and effectively. The law curriculum inculcates skills like listening, reading, observing, understanding, researching, interpreting, reviewing and most importantly communicating skills across multiple contexts among students. It encourages leadership capacities of students through a sound understanding of philosophies and jurisprudence, various aspects of socio-psychology, demands of trade, economics, humanity and human development and their interdisciplinary relations.

How does it meet future demands at work place?

The overall structure of the BA LLB (Honours) program has been especially developed to provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to pursue any other areas of specialization. This course provides the foundation skills required for further study, research and practical application. It equips them with a range of transferable skills of great potential value to future employers.
Law aims at maintaining social order for welfare of the society. The course gives a comprehensive understanding of the varied legal theoretical frameworks. Study of law equips human mind with a better capacity to observe, think, assess and critically analyse various legal processes and its impacts on society. The course enables to understand the application of legal theories into various new contexts and complex situations. An understanding of Law helps students to review, administer, analyse and interpret statutes and precedents in their work contexts. This program is a professional course which also entitles students to register for enrolment as a legal practitioner with the Bar Council of their respective State. For a graduate of BA LLB (Honours), a plethora of avenues to work and explore growth and compatibilities in a working environment-both lucrative and exciting-are open. One can become a practitioner of law in multidisciplinary fields, do policy advocacy as part of the civil society, work in international treaty-making through various INGOs and multilateral organizations, work in the field of human rights, work in the judiciary, in the Courts both as public prosecutors or as advocates, as in-house counsels-opportunities are boundless.

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