Electoral Literacy Club

IILM Law School, IILM University Gurugram have established Electoral Literacy Club on 18th September 2019 with the following Introduction, objectives and Functions. The club have regular meetings with a formal structure. The President and the students and Faculty members are appointed by Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Shahi after consulting the Registrar and the Dean of IILM Law School.


An Electoral Literacy Club engages college students via engaging activities and hands-on experience to educate them on their electoral rights and acquaint them with the electoral registration and voting process. At ELC, fun and learning coexist. The objective of activities and games is to inspire and motivate students to think and ask questions. The Election Commission of India intends to develop the culture of electoral involvement among young and future voters through the ELC.


Engage (actively) in promoting awareness of ‘Right to Vote’ among students, faculty members and community at large.

Enable critical thinking on issues related to elections, rights, democracies/non-democracies electoral system and its processes.

Encourage student participation and mobility to aforementioned issues – in theory and practice.

To ensure the citizens that they should exercise their adult suffrage right with confidence in an ethical manner


The ELC members shall meet once a week to engage in a closed or open group session of thematic discussions on relevant topics.

They will organize activities like outreach programs and in campus programs with targeted groups to create voting awareness.

They shall function towards the goal to create and preserve the literature for the club.


Prof. Chavi Sood – Faculty Convener

In the year 2019 –
President – Mr. Aekantik Dalal, Batch 2019-2024
Members – Mr. Ojaswi Joshi, Batch 2019-2024 & Mr. Aayush Arora, Batch 2019-2024

Activities conducted by the Club –
1. A webinar was chaired by Prof. Ila Sharma, on 23rd November 2019 where she delivered a lecture on Working of Election Commission in India where she spoke on the constitutional provisions of Election Commission in India which includes nature, composition, function and working of Election Commission in India.



Prof. Chavi Sood – Faculty Convener
President – Mr. Siddhant Chauhan, Batch 2019-2024
Members – Ms. Ishita Sehrawat, Batch 2020-2025
Mr. Siddharth Bhargava, Batch 2020-2025
Mr. Pranav Sagar Vashisht, Batch 2019-2024

Activities conducted by the Club-
1. A webinar was organised by IILM Law School on 08th December 2020 which was chaired by Prof. Chavi Sood, Assistant Professor, IILM Law School, IILM University, Gurugram, on the topic Criminalization of Politics in India where she focused Legal Aspects of Disqualification of Criminal Candidates along with effects of criminalisation of politics.



Prof. (Dr.) Asha Verma – Faculty Convener
President – Ms. Khushi Sehrawat, Batch 2020-2025
Members – Ms. Bhavya Arora, Batch 2020-2025
Mr. Viraj Khatter, Batch 2021-2026
Mr. Ashweth Singh, Batch 2021-2026
Mr. Barry Thukral, Batch 2021-2026

Activities conducted by the Club –
1.  A webinar was conducted by Dr. SY Quraishi – Former Chief Election Commissioner, India and Chancellor, IILM University, Gurugram on 14thMay 2021 where he enlightened the students with the increased impact of hate speech on electoral mobilisation along communal lines which is also paying some electoral dividends.


2. The two days International Conference on “Electoral Integrity and the Constitution of India” organised by IILM Law School Gurugram on 25-26 November 2021 had an enlightening inaugural session which witnessed insightful observations and commentary from our guests. Total 80 Research Papers were received from students, research scholar, academician and practitioner all over India. Paper presentations were conducted in 6 different technical session’s moderated eminent academician from different universities across India.
The inaugural session was privileged to have the following eminent personalities as our esteemed guests:
A. Dr. SY Quraishi – Former Chief Election Commissioner, India and Chancellor, IILM University, Gurugram.
B. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya- Chief Election Commissioner, Nepal
C. Mr. Neil Kantha Uprety- Former Chief Election Commissioner, Nepal



Prof. Aastha Thakur- Faculty Convener
President – Mr. Sourav Ambavat, Batch 2019-2024
Members – Mr. Somil Jaiswal, Batch 2020-2025
Ms. Nandini Sharma, Batch 2021-2026
Ms Aishwarya, Batch 2021-2026
Ms. Kashish Khanna, Batch 2022-2027

Activities conducted by the Club –
1. A Quiz was conducted by IILM University Gurugram in March 2022 on Election in India where 33 students of all the batches participated. First Position was won by Bhuvnesh Kumar, 2nd Year student of IILM Law School and 2nd Position was won by Kamia Joshi 1st Year student of IILM Law School, Gurugram.


2. An voting awareness was conducted where the students and the faculty convenor spoke to the people and made them awareness of their voting rights

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