Center for Purposeful Work

Center for Purposeful Work helps students discover their purpose and lead lives of meaningful work

Preparing students for lives of meaningful work is one of the IILM’s eternal ethos. Centre for purposeful Work is about helping students discover the joy and power that arise from aligning who they are with what they do. It helps students identify and cultivate their interests and strengths and provides opportunities for them to acquire the knowledge, experiences, and relationships necessary to pursue their aspirations with imagination and integrity. IILM’s Centre for Purposeful Work is grounded with the curricular and co-curricular aspects with an extensive developmental and experiential learning approach. It follows a developmental approach which is holistic and pragmatic. Through various activities, we try to emphasize the iterative nature of the explore- reflect-experience- engage.

It offers student internships, life architecture courses, practitioner taught courses, a speaker series, Roadshows, Job Shadow, and other opportunities for students to architect their life, career and aligning their strengths and weaknesses to achieve their goals for life.

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