Life @ IILM University

This is a University where you will make friends for a lifetime

Campus activities at IILM University allow an unparalleled bonding between the students. This is accentuated by the various clubs and year-long cultural events leading to a strong camaraderie between students despite the competitive spirit. The full amenity residential campus ensures plenty of opportunity to the students to compete and collaborate on various activities.

Liberal education allows students to come up with their own clubs and societies, apart from choosing from a range of clubs that already exist in the University.

Studying, learning and practicing liberal arts, design, computing, business theories needs to be backed by a more holistic approach. There is learning beyond curriculum, which involves soft skills like teamwork, interactions, networking and communication. There is also the need for pursuing co-curricular interests that help in building a manager’s personality. A typical day on campus incorporates all these needs and makes the day a wholesome one for every student.

A variety of clubs and organizations exist on campus offering a range of leadership opportunities. They offer the scope of refining management and leadership skills, exploring interests and building networks. Conferences, monthly events, annual festivals, TEDx talks, inter-campus debates and in-house publications are just a few of the options available to the students to expand their horizons in terms of co-curricular activities.

The Campus
IILM University is located at the heart of the Millennium City of Gurgaon.
IILM University Campus at Gurugram

IILM Gurgaon has a locational advantage – with the nearest Metro station at a stone’s throw away, the shopping malls and popular markets located near IILM – the students get to enjoy the best of the city life.

Located on the Golf Course road connected to popular spots like One Horizon Centre and DLF CyberHub , students can engage in various events and activities happening in the city, after study hours.

IILM students come from across the country and abroad. These varied set of individuals, weave their uniqueness and add to the campus’ vibrancy. Diversity is leveraged through various activities held at IILM that make the campus a preferred destination for students. Library resources, state of the art IT infrastructure all constitute the infrastructural support at IILM. Recreational facilities are the key highlight for those residing in campus.

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