ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 level from any recognized board in India or Overseas

Course Objective

IILM Law School at IILM University aims at developing a new generation of versatile legal professionals through BBA LLB (Honours), a comprehensive and contemporary course of integrated knowledge and rigorous education. The goal is to provide a gateway to the corporate world of management and decision-making keeping in view the legal dimensions. The core objective is the attainment of ‘higher efficiency skills’ and ‘higher degree of specialization’.

How does it address the contemporary needs?

IILM has state of-the art infrastructure and competent academic Faculty to provide the essential skills and an institutional commitment to achieve excellence. This Course has been designed innovatively and has been developed in association with academicians and professional experts, and as per the guidelines of Bar Council of India. It provides an integrated understanding of the interrelationship of Management Studies for corporate functions and the Law in its entirety. Students who take this course will understand interaction between law and businesses, can anticipate the legal need of their business entities and comprehend how law and regulations impact them. IILM Law School offers co-operative learning opportunities that teach how to integrate laws and regulations into business processes. This programme covers a vast domain of the contemporary areas of managerial relevance. It provides an opportunity to focus on management strategies with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, communication skills with legal clarity, the impact of technology and law on emerging markets and integrate legal aspects practically.

How does it meet future demands at work place?

The overall structure of the BBA LLB (Honours) program has been designed keeping in mind that a corporate legal professional is required to engage with the management for decision making through legal perspective. This course provides applied legal skills in management from an applied point of view keeping its legal outlook. It equips students with a range of transferable skill of potential value to future employers as it incorporates a specialized level of integration with management subjects. It capacitates students to think, observe, assess and critically analyse various legal processes, particularly corporate regulatory regimes. This program is a professional course which also entitles a successful candidate to also enrol as a legal practitioner with the concerned Bar Council of the respective State and become a practitioner of law. They can work successfully with companies, law firms, and as legal officers at various organizations. They can also represent ministries in government through their panel in the courts as a standing counsel and represent the company in capacities such as in-house counsel or an advisor and perform all that functions of a lawyer. Most importantly it provides students with a legal lense in their entrepreneurial skills, in starting and managing successful businesses.

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