Startup’s Marketing Strategy facilitated by open source tools

Startup’s Marketing Strategy facilitated by open source tools

Startup’s Marketing Strategy facilitated by open source tools – by Shweta Nanda

Great product companies like Zoho ,Druva and Freshdesk have leveraged digital marketing to a great extent. In the initial phase of startup where there is budget constraint some open source applications work wonders for market or competitor study and implement strategic decision making.

Free Search trend tools and segmentation tools help tremendous in lead generation.

Lead Generation through free tools:

Must try search trends tools:

The first step is searching for the right keywords, you can start with Google Keyword Planner. We can use tools like Spyfu and Semrush to look for competitors keywords and Google Trends tool which gives you keywords which are in top searches, with regions where you should target specifically. This we have practically used in our classes. It’s a great idea to capture a business oriented key word and use it in Google Trends to identify the real time search engine presence of the specific keyword at global level.

We can design the content campaigns for Google Display and Facebook-Youtube Video for brand recall. Also before penetration with core offerings we can prepare ourselves for content marketing on social media sites as done by startup NAIKA .Once you influence the target with the knowledge of offering (which develops the interest for a product/service), it gives a platform to create the perception about the offerings and gain competitive edge.

Demographic segmentation tools :

This calls for segmenting the target audience under the following or relevant domains:

  • Function
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator works very well to create the database of prospective target. In order to introduce our business offerings, we can design 4 set of emails including an intro mail describing your services with USP’s, and then 3 follow up emails. 
  • Tools namely Gmail Account for Business or Personal & Gmass for drip emails are incredible in this context. The incredible feature is to align the sending of the mass mails in fixed day’s slots depending on the requirement of the business.
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