IILM Celebrating the 21st Convocation of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program

IILM Celebrating the 21st Convocation of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program

IILM has been a pioneer in offering management courses for both the undergraduate and post graduate programs. Established in 1993, IILM offers the AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management at its three well-located campuses in the National Capital. The curriculum at IILM imbibes the best aspects of courses offered at top business schools around the world. The modules are inspired by the Wharton Business School, the Harvard Business School, the Yale School of Management and the IIMs. They aim at combining theory with practical training so that students are capable of turning concepts into understanding, knowledge into action and ideas into innovation. With over 20 years’ experience in training future entrepreneurs and managers, IILM is proud to have 9000+ well placed alumni in top companies in India and abroad.
IILM offers a wide range of Executive Education Programmes on various platforms. IILM has organized Training programmes for IAS and IPS officers for over 10 years. IILM has also been conducting customized Training programme for leading PSUs like NTPC, NBCC, BHEL, and EIL. IILM also offers specialized programmes for Defence Ministry’s Directorate General of Resettlement for defence officers. IILM has recently partnered with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs to jointly conduct programmes for Government officers and executives of PSUs and corporates. IILM Startup Labs has been launched to support and bolster a start-up company’s creation and activity in the early stages before it becomes self-sustainable. Through the incubation initiative, IILM aims to provide an environment where students and entrepreneurs get full IILM support to set up new ventures.
IILM has partnered with the Dortmund University of Applied Science and Arts, Germany for the Masters in International Business – Managing Diverse Markets Programme. The MDM programme has been a great learning for our students in terms of an international educational experience, exposure and adapting to and managing cross-cultural differences.
According to the EdUniversal rankings of best business schools in India, IILM has been ranked 11 (3 Palmes of Excellence category) for 2015. Headquartered in Paris, EdUniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education.
21st Annual Convocation – 2016
The 21st Convocation of IILM for the Class of 2016 was held on May 4th, 2016 at its Lodhi Road, New Delhi campus. The ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson The Bharat Hotels Limited and Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson, IILM. One hundred and sixty-seven students completed their post-graduate studies at IILM in 2016 and received their diplomas at the Convocation.
At IILM, placement is on high priority. In order to achieve this objective, IILM has introduced four placement weeks throughout the year. The Career Development team conducts continuous workshops to get the best internships. IILM acknowledged the summer internship projects of the students and awarded them with certificates. The best three summer internship projects from all three campuses were selected on the basis of the quality of training in job, passion, persistence and sincerity towards SIP.
Dr. Smitha Girija, Director, IILM welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr. Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson and Managing Director of Bharat Hotels Limited that runs the luxury hotels chain “THE LALIT” under the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. In the past few years the Group has won a number of awards for its outstanding performance. Dr. Jyotsna Suri was President of FICCI for the year 2015-16. She has been listed amongst the Top 50 Business Power Women in Asia by the Forbes Asia and amongst the Top 20 Most Powerful Woman in Indian Business by the Business Today. She is the only Indian member on the International Executive Committee of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). She has also received an Honorary Degree of “Doctor of Laws” from the University of Warwick, UK for her contribution to tourism industry.
Dr. Jyotsna Suri’s speech:
Faculty members, proud parents and graduating students. I am truly privileged to be here for 21st convocation of IILM. Thank you all for inviting me for this very special occasion. IILM is one of the leading business schools in India offering Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in Management. I believe the focus is to develop students as globally aware members of society who are also responsible business leaders. The initiative to encourage student from Jammu & Kashmir and North East by offering them 25% scholarship and 10% scholarship to every woman student is highly commendable. I am also delighted to know that there are 71 girls out of 167 students that are graduating this year.  My complements to the founders and of course the current promoters and management of IILM. Please keep the good work as you are doing. Heartiest Congratulations to you all.
Young ladies and gentlemen, in the depressed global scenario India stands out as a bright spot. The Indian economy is growing at 7.6% and will continue to do so in the future. Historically, India is one of the oldest cultures but demographically it is the youngest nation. About 60% are below the age of 30. India with its 29 states and 7 union territories has both the demand and supply therefore its economy will continue to grow. The services sector is doing fairly well. The governments imitative of ”Make in India” is giving a boost to India’s sluggish manufacturing sector.
The Prime Minister’s call of starts up INDIA is aimed at you and he is also providing his favorite platform to all the new young entrepreneurs like yourselves to come forward. As you graduate, therefore there is a huge opportunity waiting for you. Some of you may join established or establishing firms. Some may add value to existing family businesses and some may become entrepreneurs who will not only sustain themselves but also offer employment to others.
So young ladies and gentlemen while it is extremely important to generate success and wealth, we must not forget the core value of humanity. Let me give you a fistful of values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect for individuals
  • Responsible communication
  • Devotion to duty
  • Minimize wastage

As you move on in your life, please keep the honesty and integrity alive in you. You must respect all the individuals, their faith, their beliefs, their backgrounds- each one has to be respected. Your communication to each other, to the outside world must always be responsible. And as you move on, whatever you may do, whichever genre you may fit yourself in, whichever company you may join always have the devotion to duty and minimize wastage. Wastage of natural recourses, wastage of water, wastage of food but most importantly wastage of time. Don’t waste your time on activities which are not going to bear any positive results.
 Remember the moment gone by is never going to come back so make the most of the time you have. Now with that fist, which is very powerful, along with it I offer you my good wishes. As you step out into the world to establish yourself, do your parents, your country, your planet proud. Good luck to you. Namaskar.
Dr. Smitha Girija, also welcomed Mr. Kapil Chanana, IILM’s alumni from the first batch, batch of 1996. Mrs. Malvika Rai presented an award to Mr. Kapil Chanana, General Manager, Activation, Coca Cola India Private Ltd. The Chief Guest, Dr. Jyotsna Suri and IILM Chairperson, Mrs. Malvika Rai then presented Gold and Silver Medals to the toppers of the three campuses.
IILM honoured six faculty members with the “Excellence in Teaching” Award. The six faculty members who received this award are: Prof. Vinay Chirania, Prof. Ruchi Shah, Dr. Shivani Khurana, Prof. Raju Majumdar, Prof. Shweta Sharma, and Dr. Preethi Srinivas.
The convocation concluded with the National Anthem.

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