IILM Law School IILM University, Gurugram IILM Law With 25 years’ experience in responsible higher education, IILM University aims to become a leading Liberal Arts University in Asia, focused on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, imbibing skills for lifelong success. Moot Court - Law Admissions IILM University, Gurugram Experiential Learning Through Internships, Field Visits, Simulated Lawyering and Legal Aid Clinics students get to experience the professional world of Law during their course of study. This helps them gain insight into the real world and develop the required skill set to excel in the field of Law. IILM Law Law Admission Open IILM University, Gurugram Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum The programs at IILM Law School are structured on wide ranging courses that incorporate high academic standards and include subjects relevant for both the present and new-age careers. IILM Law
IILM has a legacy of excellence in responsible management education since 1993. It has entered the domain of law with five year undergraduate courses of BBA LLB (Hons) and BA LLB (Hons.) as well as a one year postgraduate LLM program at IILM University, Gurugram. IILM Law provides one of the best set of courses both at graduate and undergraduate level.

IILM Law is a gateway, not just to the legal profession, but also for many leadership roles in society. The overall goal of the program is to educate, train and develop our students, thereby fostering an in-depth understanding of the Laws and the legal profession. It imparts practical training to enhance student’s personal and professional ability to adapt and grow with the changes in the legal environment, and to excel in their chosen fields. IILM Law is rated as one of the top law colleges in India and consistently ranked among the top 10 law colleges in terms of industry connect and academic activities.
Located at the heart of Gurugram, in close proximity to corporate houses, renowned law firms and the Courts, IILM Law prepares students for their career as a successful lawyer, judge or legal professional. Equipped with the latest technology, campus Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art library, access to online resources like LexisNexis, modern classrooms and a permanent Moot Court facility, the building serves as a vibrant academic hub. IILM Law focuses on enabling each student to independently analyze, research, synthesize and communicate legal issues. The Campus makes for an exciting and productive community of teachers and students to study, to teach, to write, to debate, to question, to innovate and prepares the students to litigate, to advocate and to pursue the highest ideals of law and justice.


The integrated programs of BBA LLB (Hons) and BA LLB (Hons) prepares graduates for both integrated learning and knowledge. LLM program at IILM provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in various contemporary legal studies. IILM Law focuses on interdisciplinary and liberal education to pioneer a comprehensive five year integrated Program focusing to prepare students for careers at the intersection of law and other disciplines. Apart from a robust curriculum IILM Law prepare students to participate in reputed moot courts, engage in internship at corporate law firms, courts and legal chambers. The students actively engage in various extra-curricular and club activities for holistic growth and development.


Post-graduation in law is being offered under the Centre of Post-Graduate Legal Studies, committed towards excellence in Higher Education & Research.

Electives and Honours Courses:

There is a wide range of courses enabling students to choose subjects of their interest aligned with the future of work. Electives and Honours are contemporary courses incorporating the latest social and technological advances required for legal intervention. The students may make the choice in any area they want to specialize in.

  • Human Rights Law and Practice
  • Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
  • Citizenship & Emigration Law
  • Election Laws
  • Banking Law
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law
  • Competition Law
  • International Trade Dispute Resolution
  • Trade in Intellectual Property
  • Forensic Science and use of IT
  • Maritime Law
  • Humanitarian and Refugee Law
  • Law on Bio Diversity Protection
  • Data Protection & Cyber Law
Curriculum Design

Core Courses:

These are the courses fundamental to law. They build the foundation of legal understanding and application, allowing students to know the basic rules, underlying principles and the jurisprudence.

Clinical Courses:

Learning of applied law is taught through these courses that make students learn the ethics of the profession. Adjudication through mediation, conciliation, arbitration as well as professional skills such as client interviewing, drafting, pleading, conveyancing, communicating, critical thinking and analytical thinking are all learnt here

Law Degree Courses

Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum

The programs are structured on wide-ranging courses that incorporate high academic standards and include subjects relevant for both the present and new-age careers. The blend of Legal Aspects with modules from Management,
Humanities and Social Sciences provide holistic learning to broaden the students’ understanding of the course enhanced

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