Pedagogy and Research

Pedagogy and Research

The learning pedagogy at IILM Law School aims to put purpose into practice. Students absorbs. Analyse, debate, dissect cases from multiple perspectives and understand what lawyering is, how it is done and what it is to become a lawyer. IILM Law School has created a plethora of opportunities for its students to pursue legal education through pedagogy that best reflects the study of comparative law and digging deep into domestic law.

The classroom discussion lead to an understanding of legal frameworks while reflecting on concepts with Real Life Learning through Case Studies, Internships, Guest Lectures, Field Visits, Simulated Lawyering and Legal Aid Clinics. Students and faculty take up extensive legal research projects that build on new interpretations. The students get a chance to work directly with faculty members on projects that produces cutting-edge research applicable in a wide range of legal areas.

At IILM Law School students experience learning through a community of intellectual researchers and an acclaimed group of scholars whose teaching is augmented by their academic knowledge and field/ industry experience. Our Full- time faculty hold doctoral degree or its equivalent and come from enriching and exemplary academic background.

At IILM Law School, the ground-floor law library houses nearly 4,000 books spanning over 1,300 titles, all available for student use within the 60-seat reading area. This library also provides easy access to renowned legal databases like Manupatra, LexisNexis, Hein Online, and others through six dedicated desktop stations as well as the Campus Wifi enabled Open Access Catalogue.

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