Curriculum Design

Core Courses:

These are the courses fundamental to law. They build the foundation of legal understanding and application, allowing students to know the basic rules, underlying principles and the jurisprudence.

Clinical Courses:

Learning of applied law is taught through these courses that make students learn the ethics of the profession. Adjudication through mediation, conciliation, arbitration as well as professional skills such as client interviewing, drafting, pleading, conveyancing, communicating, critical thinking and analytical thinking are all learnt here

Law Degree Courses

Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum
IILM Law School

The programs at IILM Law School are structured on wide-ranging courses that incorporate high academic standards and include subjects relevant for both the present and new-age careers. The blend of Legal Aspects with modules from Management,
Humanities and Social Sciences provide holistic learning to broaden the students’ understanding of the course enhanced

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