Interdisciplinary Courses

The interdisciplinary course offered at IILM Law School prepares upcoming lawyers for correlated fields like Psychology, Management, Journalism, Public Policy, Liberal Arts, and International Relations. This course endows them with the knowledge to amplify their legal expertise uniquely. The learning environment is conducive to the development of well-rounded lawyers and legal practitioners, as it is intellectually stimulating, forward-looking, and professionally supportive. IILM Law School offers a blend of fundamental courses and a wide range of electives to allow students to tailor their curriculum according to their interests.

The fundamental courses offered at IILM Law School lay the groundwork for legal education and application, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of basic rules, underlying principles, and jurisprudence. Clinical Legal Education is also an integral part of the core curriculum. Students gain valuable insight into the adjudication process and hone their professional skills in client interviewing, drafting, pleading, and analytical thinking through these core courses.

At IILM Law School a wide range of free electives are offered to the students which are contemporary courses incorporating the latest social and technological advances requiring legal proficiency and intervention. The students can choose from Human rights Law and Practices, Gender and Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence, Citizenship and Emigrations Laws, Election Laws, Banking Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, etc.

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