• Date & Time:
    • March 23, 2022
    • 11:30 am to 2:00 pm
  • Venue:
    • IILM University, Guguram

The debate ‘Parakashtha’ is being organized on the 23rd of March at 11:30AM at IILM University, Gurugram Campus by the Department of Journalism and History & International Relations The event will see students, individually and in groups, go head-to-head and discuss the Hijab Ban and the various levels it affects in a debate format. I was hoping you could disseminate this information amongst the students in your courses so we can get as much participation as possible. We feel that this debate is the need of the hour and will help keep the students with current affairs and help with skill development beyond the classroom.

We are looking to organise this debate in 3 rounds:
Round I: The ban with regards to Academic Institutions
Round II: The ban with regards to Administrative Institutions and Offices
Round III: The ban as a whole
This will allow for a wider scope of debate and structure to only make room for logical arguments.

Parakashtha will follow the standard/traditional debate format. Students are expected to use the A-R-E (Arguments, Reasoning, Evidence) format to effectively present their opinions. They will also receive certificates for participation and winning. They can all register for the debate on this link (, the link and the creative can also be circulated within their group.

In case of any concerns, please contact:

Faculty coordinator:
1. Prof. Aditi Gupta, 9971728837
2. Prof. Apala Vatsa, 9773683669

Student coordinator:
Sanskriti Bhatnagar, 9958027863

Save the date: 23rd March,2022 ; Time: 11:30 am onwards.

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2022-3-23 11:30 am 2022-3-23 2:00 pm Europe/London Parakashtha IILM University, Guguram
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