Lecture 1 | Public Policy Lecture Series

  • Date & Time:
    • January 23, 2020
  • Venue:
    • IILM University, Gurugram

Public Policy and its Relevance

The importance of public policy for businesses and how they are formulated.

Welcoming Dr Alwyn Didar Singh at the IILM University for the 1st Session on Public Policy lecture series to delve into and familiarize key issues in the area of Public policy.

The Public Policy Lecture Series at IILM seeks to familiarize and educate the students on some of the key issues in the area of public policy. Through this lecture series, students will understand what is public policy, who all make public policies, some key issues in public policy, some public policy issues that India faces and how public policy impacts businesses. These lectures will be delivered by some of the leading figures in their respected areas and through their accumulated acumen and experience, the students will be exposed to the various ideas, nuances and challenges that public policymaking in India entails. The lecture series will consist of 16 lectures on key thematic areas, 6 online quizzes based on the 6 thematic areas and an essay by the students on any one of the thematic areas.

These key thematic areas are-

  1. Public Policy and its Relevance (2 lectures)- The importance of public policy for businesses 2 and how they are formulated.
  2. India and the Geostrategic Environment (4 lectures)- India’s foreign affairs and international relations with other regions and countries of the world and how it impacts its economy and military affairs.
  3. Sustainability and Business (2 lectures)- The emergence of sustainability as an important business tenet and how it makes sense for businesses to invest in sustainability and prosper.
  4. Democracy and Issues of Public Policy (2 lectures)- Understanding democracy,
    elections, electorate and how it impacts public policy in India.
  5. Government Initiatives (3 lectures)- Key government programs and policies and their
  6. Policy Problems for India (3 lectures)- Identifying current policy issues facing the
    Indian policy makers and the way forward.

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2020-1-23 2020-1-23 Asia/Tashkent Lecture 1 | Public Policy Lecture Series IILM University, Gurugram
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