International Faculty Development Programme


The professional development and academic stature of an institution’s faculty members are connected to its educational vivacity. Faculty development refers to a range of activities that are perceived to help academicians in improving their professional skills that are vital for carrying out their teaching, research or administrative activities in education.

IILM Law School, IILM University, Gurugram has come up with a platform for all the education leaders and academicians of higher education institutions (HEIs) in India to come together and create their strategic action plans for putting the policy into practice in letter and spirit. To address all these issues, it is proposed to conduct an FDP on “Higher Education: A Paradigm Shift in Teaching and Learning”. Embracing the new skill sets and technology to teach is the opportunity and the answer for the way forward. Technology in teaching has a greater reach and is here to stay.

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2023-7-24 9:00 am 2023-7-29 5:00 pm Europe/London International Faculty Development Programme VIRTUAL MODE
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