Design Pedagogy & Research


At IILM University, our Bachelor of Design programs are uniquely structured to emphasize the practical application of knowledge. This program management design aspects integrates encourage students to actively participate in the analysis, debate, and dissection of design cases from multifaceted perspectives. This approach equips students with a holistic comprehension of the design industry, the creative journey, and the skills needed to excel as entrepreneurs, stylists, creative directors, and design professionals.

Classroom discussions in the Bachelor of Design programs at IILM University facilitate a deep comprehension of design frameworks while actively applying concepts to real-life scenarios in the industry. Our emphasis on experiential learning through an interdisciplinary approach provides students with hands-on experience. This approach includes the incorporation of case studies, internships, guest lectures, field visits, and workshops. Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience from industry, academia, and research, comprising both full-time and visiting instructors.

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