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Clubs and Societies at School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts

At IILM University’s vibrant non-curricular landscape, a world of interests and talents converges to create a rich tapestry of student life. Our clubs and societies are not just organizations but vibrant communities that fuel creativity, personal growth, and the spirit of togetherness. We believe that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms, and that’s where our diverse range of clubs and societies come into play.

Our extensive list of clubs, including Nazariya – The Journalism Club, wEvolve – The Psychology Club, and Meraki – The Design Club, among many others, offers you a chance to explore your passions and build lifelong connections. Whether you’re a wordsmith, a culture enthusiast, a mind reader, a performer, a dramatist, or an advocate for change, there’s a place for you here.

Each club and society has its own unique personality, and they are all driven by a shared commitment to excellence and camaraderie. They are the pulse of our campus, where friendships are forged, talents are honed, and unforgettable experiences are created.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Megha Kochhar

Departmental clubs at School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts are


Nazariya: The Journalism Club

Nazariya is the bridge between news and the eager storytellers. It’s a space for budding journalists to explore, report, and share the stories that matter. With a focus on integrity and effective communication, this club offers hands-on experience in the world of news reporting and media.


wEvolve: The Psychology Club

Dive into the human mind and behavior with wEvolve. This club delves into the fascinating world of psychology, providing opportunities to discuss, analyze, and understand the complexities of the human psyche. From workshops to discussions, wEvolve is where minds meet.


Meraki: The Design Club

For the creatively inclined, Meraki is a hub of artistic expression. Whether it’s graphic design, fashion, or interior décor, this club is all about channeling your imagination. Be a part of the world of aesthetics, learn new skills, and create beautiful designs.


Chronicles: The History & IR Club

Chronicles is the platform for history buffs and international relations enthusiasts. Participate in discussions about global events, historical analysis, and diplomatic affairs. Explore the past and present with Chronicles.

The Chapter Chasers: The Book Club

Immerse yourself in the world of words with this literary haven. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just looking to get yourself back on track, the book club is the perfect place to connect with fellow book enthusiasts, exchange ideas and explore fresh perspectives.

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