School of Social Science and Liberal Arts Internship and Placements

School of Social Science and Liberal Arts Internship and Placements

At the School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, we understand the importance of practical experience in shaping a well-rounded education. That’s why we are dedicated to offering a wide range of internship opportunities to our students.

Industry Collaborations
We have established strong partnerships with various industries, organizations, and NGOs, providing students with access to real-world projects and challenges.

Hands-on Experience
Internships are carefully designed to align with students’ majors, allowing them to apply classroom knowledge in professional settings.

Our students receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals, helping them bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Internships offer invaluable networking opportunities, enabling students to build relationships with industry leaders and potential employers.

Resume Enhancement
The practical experience gained through internships enhances students’ resumes, making them more competitive in the job market upon graduation.

Global Reach
We also facilitate international internship programs, allowing students to gain global exposure and cultural competence.

Our commitment to internship opportunities ensures that our students graduate not only with a strong academic foundation but also with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and professional connections needed to excel in their careers.

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