Legal Aid Cell

Constitution of every democratic country is enshrined with the concept of ‘audi alter partem’, which means that both the parties in a case should be heard before arriving to a conclusion. However, sometimes a party is unable to procure a legal representative to represent his/her case in the Court of law which is why a provision of Legal aid was introduced in order to assist the helpless.

Legal Aid essentially refers to the process of providing free legal services to those sections of society which are not self sustainable in obtaining services of an advocate in order to conduct a case in front of court, hence denying them justice. The importance of this concept can be understood by the fact that even Magna Carta acknowledged this, where it was written that,“ to no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice.

Here, at IILM we actively participate in legal aid activity through our legal aid cell and we further encourage more and more students to join this noble mission. We conduct weekly activities to spread awareness and allow people to freely connect with us for the concerned purpose.

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