Prof. Tanya Bhutani
Assistant Professor

Prof. Tanya Bhutani is a seasoned educationist with over 8 years of experience in the field of teaching, bringing a unique blend of industry expertise and academic excellence to her role. With a dynamic background that includes stints as a copywriter and radio jockey, Prof. Bhutani has honed her skills in communication and content creation, making her a standout figure in the realm of education.
Having traversed the corridors of renowned institutions such as Galgotias University and IP University, Prof. Bhutani has left an indelible mark on the academic landscape. Her passion for teaching extends beyond the confines of traditional pedagogy, as she strives to imbue her students with not just theoretical knowledge but also real-world insights garnered from her experiences in the industry.

During her tenure as a copywriter and radio jockey, Prof. Bhutani collaborated with industry stalwarts such as All India Radio, Doordarshan, Nestle(Maggi), Jurassic Park- Amusement Park and Fever 104 FM, gaining invaluable exposure to the nuances of effective communication and broadcasting. This firsthand experience informs her teaching approach, allowing her to bridge the gap between academic concepts and industry standards seamlessly.

One of Prof. Bhutani’s distinguishing qualities is her commitment to teaching the fundamentals while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of adhering to industry best practices. Her classes are characterized by interactive sessions, where students are encouraged to participate actively and apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

In addition to her role as an educator, Prof. Bhutani is also a sought-after speaker, regularly delivering faculty development programs (FDPs) and guest lectures on communication. Her expertise in this domain has been instrumental in shaping the communication skills of countless students and professionals alike, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Beyond her professional achievements, Prof. Bhutani is known for her unwavering dedication to her students’ growth and development. She fosters a supportive learning environment where curiosity is nurtured, and intellectual curiosity is encouraged.

In summary, Prof. Tanya Bhutani is a multifaceted educator whose passion for teaching, coupled with her industry experience, makes her a formidable force in the realm of education. Through her innovative teaching methods and unwavering commitment to excellence, she continues to inspire and empower the next generation of communicators and thought leaders.



  • M.A. in Mass Communication: Guru Jambeshwar University (2016)
  • PGD, Bhavan’s Institute of Communications and Management (2014)
  • Graduation from Kirori Mal College: Delhi University (2013)
  • A2 Level French: Alliance francais (2014)
  • Graduate in Music from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (2015)

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