Dr. Tina Bhatia
Assistant Professor

Dr Tina Bhatia is a faculty of School of Liberal Arts and Communication at IILM, Gurugram. She is affiliated to the Education and Training Industry, with eleven years of active teaching expertise and more than six years of experience in the research field. Dr Bhatia has her specialization in the realm of English Literature with forte in Aspects of English Language, Educational Psychology and Special Education. She has been a meritorious student during her school and graduation life, her exemplary performances witnessed in the felicitations received in English literary activities, Sports, Western Music from time to time. She has headed Literary clubs in educational institutions and was also designated as a radio Jockey at the All India Radio, New Delhi.

She has participated and presented numerous papers at the National, International Conferences and National Conclaves. She has been an active participant in various Faculty Development Programs, Research related workshops. She is the recipient of first prize in the Research Proposal Poster Presentation competition, also an awardee of Best Paper in the track of Human Resources at International conferences, been awarded at the ASEED National Conclave, held at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, wherein she had presented her Research Paper, apart from being one of the main key note speakers at the Plenary Session. She has Authored six research papers, as First Author\Sole Author in SCOPUS, UGC Care Listed Journals. An adherent of the wives of the Indian Armed Forces Personnel, she has actively worked for the welfare of the wives of the PBOR’s, for more than two decades. She has actively participated and taken personal interest in their skill acquisition at the Army Skill Training Centre, at the Lucknow Cantonment. The Research conducted by her is an avantegardein the Indian Domain and has opened pathways to many International and National researches to be followed.

Being part of this noble profession, she upholds the perception of value-based education blended with innovative ideas in an aesthetic, intellectual, holistic and multidisciplinary environment. In addition to this, she seeks to make end eavours in the respective field to assimilate the practical knowledge of dynamic, industrial global trends in the teaching-learning process and curriculum.


Qualification & Experience

  • Ph.D. Education, G.D Goenka University, Gurugram (2021)
  • Topic: A Study on the Career Prospects of the Wives of the Indian Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Research First of its kind in the Indian Domain and has been greatly acknowledged.
  • MA. (English), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi(2012)
  • M.Ed. (Regular), MDU, Rohtak, (2015)
  • B.Ed.(Regular), Jammu University, (2009)
  • B.A (HONOURS), Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, (1996)

Research and Scholarly Publication

  • Bhatia, Tina. “A study of the Underlying Challenges Affecting the Readiness of the Wives ofthe Indian Army Personnel to Pursue Further Education”. Shodh Sanchar, (Volume 11, Issue41), Jan-March 2021. (UGC CARE LISTED)
  • Bhatia, Tina. “An Insight into the Career Prospects of the Wives of the Indian Army Personnel: Their Empowerment through Vocational Training and Skill Development Programme of India” Shodh Sarita (Volume 8, Issue 29) Jan-March 2021. (UGC CARE LISTED)
  • Bhatia, Tina. “A Study on the Impact of the Skill Training on the Psychosocial Well Being ofthe Wives of the Indian Military Personnel”. Rabindra Bharati Journal of PhilosophyISSN:0973-0087 Vol.XXIII, No:16, 2022 page 76. (UGC CARE LISTED)
  • Bhatia, Tina. “A Study of the Challenges Affecting the Empowerment of the Wives of the Indian Army Personnel”. Shodhasanhita.’ Journal of Fundamental &Comparative Research Vol. VIII, No. 1(XXI):2022 ISSN: 2277-7067 Journal of KavikulaguruKalidas Sanskrit University, RamtekPage 55(UGC CARE LISTED)
  • Bhatia, Tina. “A quantitative assessment on the extrinsic and intrinsic factors affecting the participation of the wives of the Indian army personnel in the skill training programmes”. Rabindra Bharati Journal of Philosophy, ISSN: 0973-0087 Vol.XXIII, No:16, 2022 page 85(UGC CARE LISTED)
  • Bhatia, Tina. “To Study the Impact of the Factors Affecting the Employability of the Wives ofthe Indian Military Personnel”. Psychology and Education (Volume 58, No 3) 2021 April 2021, (SCOPUS)

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