Dr Namita Dixit
Associate Professor

Dr Namita Dixit is a prolific academician and researcher. She completed her PhD (International Business) from Lucknow University in the year 2004. Having experience of over 22 years in the industry, including six years in corporate, Xerox Corporation, USA, she works in strategy building for startups, NGOs, Institution Building, Accreditation Committee and Administration.
Dr Namita Dixit has submitted and presented research papers at various international and national conferences. These have been published in various journals, magazines and proceedings. Also organized various International Conferences, Business Summits and Symposiums for the institutes. Spearheading the International Business specialization, she collaborated with several universities and institutes in the US, Europe and the Middle East like IDRAC Business School, AISEC, Valparaiso University, GIIM and many more. She has also chaired technical sessions in various National & International Seminars/Conferences at various prestigious forums.


  • Ph.D., International Business, Lucknow University, Lucknow (2004)
    – Topic: A study of Export Financing in Indian Context
  • MBA (International Business), Lucknow University, Lucknow (1997)
    – Major: IB
  • M.Com, DAV College, Garhwal University, Dehradun (1995)
    – Major: Psychology (1st class)
  • B. Com, Lucknow University, Lucknow (1993)


Research Paper

  • Dixit, Namita Published research paper in titled. ‘Population Growth In North East India: A Scenario Analysis’ Published in International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, ISSN 1308-5581Vol14No.5 in August 2022DOI: DOI: 10.9756/INTJECSE/V14I5.957.Web of Science/ESCI Journal/UGC Care Group-II
  • Dixit, Namita Published research paper in titled. ‘Role of Social Media in Retail Network Operationsand marketing to Enhance Satisfaction: An Analytical Approach published in Pacific Business Review (International) Volume14 issue 5 November 2021.http://www.pbr.co.in/2021/Novenber.aspxhttp://www.pbr.co.in/2021/2021_month/November/13.pdf
  • Dixit, Namita, published research paper titled, “A Study of Export Import Bank of India as a Specialized Financial Institution for Export Promotion in India” in Indian Journal of Economics and Business ISSN0972-5784 Q2 Vol.20 No.2 Scopus(July-December.2021) http//www.ashwinanokha.com/ijeb-vol20-2-2021.php Elseviers indexed International Journal availablehttps://www.scopus.com/dourceid/21100944119.
  • Dixit, Namita,(August 2021) Published the research paper titled, ‘An Analysis of how Corporates copewith their Finances in Covid-19 Crisis’ in an international Journal of Economics’ Emprical EconomicsLettersISSN1681-8997 Indexed in Econ Litand included in Cabell’s Directory. Further,ERAaccredited and included in ABDC ‘C’ category journal quality list. Moreover, endorsed in Publons which is a part of Web of Science Group Special Issue on Innovative Research in Management, Social Science and Humanities in Vol.20 Special Issue2 August 2021
    Journal Link : http://www.eel.my100megs.com
    Special Issue link: http://www.eel.my100megs.com/volume-20-number-august-2-special-issue.htm
  • Dixit, Namita (Aug 2021) Published Research paper titled , “A Study on Potential Challenges on theEducational System During COVID-19’has been published in Online Journal of QualitativeInquiry.ThepaperispublishedinVol12,No6,2021.Scopus Index.
  • Dixit Namita, published a research papertitled,’ An Analysis of Green Products Development andMarketing Initiatives by Corporate Houses across the Continent’ in the Q3 Scopus, Elseviers indexed in International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol.29,No.11s,(2020),pp.2263-2270inJune2020.Also indexed in EBSCO, ProQuest, ULRICH, J-Gate, OAJI.

Trainings Undergone

  • Dixit, Dr. Namita published an edited book title, ’ Leading the Future: ProgressiveApproaches to Modern Management’.‘ISBN: 978-93-93810-89-2withEmpyreal Publishing House [EPH] in September2023.
  • Dixit, Dr. Namita published an book title, Unleashing the Potential of Technology’.‘ISBN; 978-81-19481-13-2 withIARA Publicationin July2023.
  • Dixit, Dr. Namita published an edited book title, ’Technological Innovation in Digital WorkplacesacrossContinents’.‘ISBN;978-81-959870-0-9withNexGenPublicationsin November2022.
  • Dixit, Dr. Namita published a book title, ‘ Interdisciplanary Research in the Current Era ISBN;978-93-93810-02-1with Empyreal PublishingHousein August 2022
  • Dixit, Dr. Namita published a book titled,‘ Convergence of Social Innovation and Digital Transformation in Business’ having an ISBN: 978 -81-928555-5-4 by Cengage Publishing House India Pvt ltd headquartered in Boston, MA with an office hub located in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dixit, Dr. Namita edited a book titled ‘International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research’havinganISSN 2394-7780
  • Contributed a chapter titled ‘A rational Analysis of Digital Intelligence in Boosting International Tradein the edited book “Digitalisation & Innovations in Business” having ISBN: 978-81-944813-1-7 by Empyreal Publishing House, is available on publisher’s website www.editedbook.in
  • Contributed a chapter titled ‘A rational Analysis of Digital Intelligence in Boosting International Trade in the edited book “Digitalisation & Innovations in Business” having ISBN: 978-81-944813-1-7 published by Empyreal Publishing House and is available on publisher’s website www.editedbook.in

Consultancy Provided at

  • Superhouse Exports, NOIDA
  • Paradise Cargo Services, New Delhi
  • Orient Fashions Exports Pvt Ltd, NOIDA
  • OE Exports, Lucknow
  • Fashion Accessories, Gurgaon
  • Orientcraft, Ltd, Gurgaon
  • PN International, Lucknow

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