Ms. Asmita Bhattacharjee
Assistant Professor

Ashmita Bhattacharjee is working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at IILM, Gurgaon. Armed with a Master’s degree in Criminology, specializing in Forensic Psychology from NFSU Delhi, she brings a unique blend of expertise. Her undergraduate journey was equally remarkable, having pursued a triple honors degree in Psychology, English, and Journalism from the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bengaluru. Ashmita’s professional journey reflects her versatility, excelling as a content developer, researcher, and life coach. She has also worked as an Internal Faculty of Forensic Psychology at Happy Space Organization. Her passion for understanding human behavior and contributing to mental health is evident in her internships at a Rehabilitation Center and the Juvenile Justice Board. Not limited to the realm of academia, Ashmita is also a seasoned artist and instructor, boasting over 10 years of experience in dance, song, and painting. Her artistic prowess has been recognized with a Junior Scholarship in Classical Dancing, a testament to her dedication and skill in the field. A recipient of the Global Young Leader Fellowship and the Karmaveer Award from the United Nations, Ashmita also has research endeavors, including the impactful study on the ” Psychological effects of prolonged imprisonment and a research project under the Juvenile Justice Board in Delhi. Ashmita’s skills extend beyond her academic and professional achievements; she is a creative force interested in arts, writing, movies, sports, adventure sports, and traveling. Whether it is crafting compelling content, leading workshops, designing solutions, or providing life coaching, Ashmita’s multifaceted skills and passion for positive change make her an invaluable asset to any endeavor making her a dedicated and passionate individual.

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