MBA 2019-21 Orientation Week

The objective of the Program

To enable a crossover from being a student towards learning to be a Corporate Leader.

Process of the Orientation (5 days of being inducted into managerial mindset)

  1. Why are you here & initiating your corporate journey.
  2. Know the University, the faculty, and peers
  3. Develop leadership skill sets
  4. Create an entrepreneurial mindset
  5. Management Games – Know your skills and teams
  6. Contextual case discussion
  7. Unstructured decision making
  8. Divergent thinking
  9. What to expect in the next 2 years
  10. Guidelines of the University

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2019-7-1 2019-7-6 Asia/Tashkent MBA 2019-21 Orientation Week IILM University, Gurugram
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