Bachelor of Design Degree

Bachelor of Design Degree

design_1The Bachelor of Design Degree at IILM University provides a strong foundation in the creative management industry. Our unique program fosters a specialized understanding of the unconventional perspectives, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration for shaping the future. Our educational approach empowers students to combine human-centered design with technology for positive impacts on the environment and society.
We aspire for our students to graduate as skilled design professionals and managers, recognizing the abundant entrepreneurial opportunities in India’s creative industry. Through a curriculum aligned with industry requirements, students receive practical and theoretical knowledge. Our multidisciplinary approach enables exploration of diverse fields beyond design, promoting experiential learning through visits to cultural and industry sites. With a faculty comprising both academic and industry experts, students maintain strong connections to the professional world. Our strategic campus location in Gurugram enriches the learning environment amidst renowned brands and corporate houses.

Our approach promotes multidisciplinary learning, allowing students to explore not only design but also fields like journalism, psychology, and management. We prioritize experiential learning, encouraging students to visit cultural and industry sites like museums, art galleries, and manufacturing units, providing hands-on experiences. With a strong emphasis on faculty and industry connections, our professors come from both academia and industry, ensuring students maintain a valuable link to the professional world. Nestled in the heart of Gurugram on Golf Course Road, our campus is strategically located amidst renowned brands, studios, and corporate houses, creating an enriching learning environment.






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