Brand Compliance

IILM Trademarks Policy

The Trademarks policy is mandated to protect the IILM University brand name and marks and to enhance the image of IILM University.

IILM University’s policy does not allow its marks to be used on publications, brochures, advertising, URL addresses, websites, miscellaneous print material and digital platforms without prior approval from the communications department.

IILM University Trademarks should not be used for the sole private purposes of a vendor or service provider including Alumni or students with no tangible interest for IILM University.

IILM University recognized vendors, partners and alumni groups of students shall obtain permission to use IILM University names/marks/logos prior to using the trademarks.

How do I obtain permission?

Please reach out to the Communications department. Alternatively, you may contact the Vice Chancellor or Director’s office of the respective campus.

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