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To Educate and Develop Innovative, Entrepreneurial, and Responsible Business Leaders; by being Global, Inclusive, and Responsible.

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Brand Promise

Brand promise
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We create an inspirational learning environment that provides for globally relevant education and the application of knowledge and skills in the real world.

Through research-supported education, we foster an understanding of disruptive technologies and encourage continuous innovation.

Through rigorous academic practice based on ethical values, we develop responsible leaders and citizens.

Through personalized mentoring, we champion individuality and the freedom to pursue your passion.

Through an entrepreneurial spirit, we encourage ideas and innovation as a force for good.

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Founding values

IILM Founding values


Bench-marked to International Best Practices


Democratizing Education


Developing Future Leaders and Citizens


Nurture Ideas and Innovation


Design a Campus Environment that Reduces Ecological Footprint

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IILM Founding values
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Key Themes

IILM Key Themes

Commitment to an exceptional student experience
Committed to enhancing holistic learning

Proactive alumni engagement
Being proactive partners in lifelong learning

International linkages
Promote understanding of diverse markets and culture

Safe environment and enabling infrastructure
Cultivate a safe and stimulating environment

Transparent and seamless communication
Encourage transparent and honest communication

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IILM Key Themes
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IILM Milestones

1993: Our Founding Campus

When the Indian economy opened up its doors in 1991, there commenced a sudden need for huge skilled manpower especially in the field of Management. To face the challenges of global competition; our founding fathers outlined a vision of quality higher education.

IILM was then set up as an institution to equip young minds with the latest knowledge along with exact managerial skills so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the economy in the years to come.

Established in 1993, our founding campus at Lodhi Road came into existence as IILM Institute for Higher Education.

1998: Our next milestone

In keeping with the goal of imparting quality education to the youth while equipping future business leaders with the required skills to make a mark in the business world, we expanded to a new city with IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Jaipur in 1998.

At IILM, social change is deeply ingrained in our community of business leaders, guiding what we teach in the classroom and how we conduct ourselves in the world. With this in mind, The Roshni Rai School was incepted in 1998 as an afternoon school to support and provide free education to underprivileged students.

2001 & 2002: Our campuses in Greater Noida

In 2001, IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida was set up as an extension to the same series to nurture young minds and inculcate in them a real business sense.

Our renowned institutions – College of Engineering and Technology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Business Management and College of Management Studies have focused to fast-track the promising career path of our students without compromising with excellence and create them as exemplary managers and business leaders of tomorrow.

Subsequently, in 2002, IILM Graduate School of Management was launched in Greater Noida for higher studies in management education.

2004: Spreading our roots in Gurugram and Lucknow

The Gurugram and Lucknow campuses were then established in 2004 for management education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the former and postgraduate program for the latter.

2013: IILM accorded SAQS Accreditation amongst only 7 other Business Schools in India.

2013: AICTE approval granted for Post Graduate Diploma in Management program at the Gurgaon campus.

2015: IILM collaborates with National Skill Development Cooperation for Skill Enhancement in India.

IILM University was set up under the Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act 2018, at the Gurugram campus opening its doors to students from the academic year, 2018 incorporating a liberal education ethos.

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In case of any queries related to branding, specific design needs, colour usage or support required for planning campus signages and infrastructural elements, please reach out to the Chairperson’s office at your campus location.

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