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IILM University, Gurugram

Brochures created across campuses may incorporate the curriculum, programs, campus, faculty, extracurricular activities, and residential facility offered by the campus.

The design for the cover page can incorporate the academic year for the course or could mention our Strapline of “Global | Inclusive | Responsible” or the Tagline “Freedom To Pursue Your Passion”. While the end page can include the contact details, address, website, and social media links.

Please consult the Chairperson’s Office or the Director at the given campus using formal procedure.

Law School
iilm law school
MBA Program
MBA programs
IILM Lodhi Road, New Delhi

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs offered at IILM Lodhi Road are highlighted through two separate booklets.

The Undergraduate brochure highlights the international partnership/affiliation offered as part of the program at IILM Undergraduate Business School. The Postgraduate brochure depicts the offering of the PGDM program with the IILM Lodhi Road logo.

PGDM Program
Undergraduate Business School
IILM Greater Noida

Brochure for the PGDM program offered at the Greater Noida campus has a similar design as that offered at the Lodhi Road campus. The photographs and logo specifically represent the campus.

PGDM Program

IILM Jaipur

PGDM / MBA Program

IILM Lucknow

PGDM Program


It is essential for external banners / standees to always use the IILM University straight line logo with the ‘strapline(s) “Global | Inclusive | Responsible” and “Freedom To Pursue Your Passion”, the website address, contact number and campus address. If space permits, the five schools to be added.

The logo can be in the primary blue, maroon and white colours in the ratio as given in the document on Brand Elements.

The primary brand colours of blue and white need to be used. The secondary colour palette of the schools can be incorporated for design assets within the banners / standees, basis the purpose of the standee.


Posters are used for communicating latest initiatives, While drafting posters for IILM University, departments would need to ensure the following are incorporated:

  • IILM Logo (as per campus)
  • Call for action / Footer with contact details and website
  • A3 and A4 sizes are most preferred
  • Customised sizes can be designed based on the use of the same
  • The poster should have limited text (50 words – 100 words)

The content once drafted, should be shared with the Department head, Chairperson’s Office or the Director at the given campus using formal procedure. Once reviewed and approved, a brief must then be shared with the creative department for getting it designed. A sample design can also be shared for reference.

Web cards

From engaging undergraduate courses to career-enhancing postgraduate, research-based PhD programs, students gain insights to lead in a globally competitive world with the objective of inculcating value-based education.

School of Management
School of Management
School of Design and Fashion
School of Design & Fashion
School of Law
IILM Law School
School of Humanities
School of Humanities and Social Science
School of Technology
School of Technology
Doctoral Program
PhD program

Founding values

IILM University fosters academic excellence, application-oriented research, and innovation. In our endeavor to engage students globally for the advancement of knowledge, we encourage our community to show what we stand for – our mission and values.

Founding Values - Global
Founding Values - Inclusive
Founding Values - Responsible
Founding Values - Entrepreneurial
Founding Values - Sustainable
Founding Values
Founding Values

Merchandise and Stationary

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IILM University-branded merchandise is updated throughout the year for several purposes. Memorabilia may vary from t-shirts, sippers, mugs, journals and pens. These are typically available in the brand colors as well as in the colors of the different schools. Special mementos may be procured as per the theme of events and occasions.
Should you require any support to create IILM University merchandise for your program or event, please contact the Chairperson’s office.

MBA T Shirt Brand Application Merchandise
Notebook Brand Application Merchandise
Sipper Brand Application Merchandise
Pround Parents BADGES
Student Ambassador BADGES

Letterheads are adapted to the campus. IILM University letterhead is given below with the logo aligned to the left as a standard practice.

For templates or customised templates you please connect with the Chairperson’s office.

letter head

Contact Communication

In case of any queries related to brochure, standee, posters or any support to create IILM University merchandise for your program or event, please contact the Chairperson’s office at your campus location.

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