IILM University Brand Advocacy Toolkit

Global | Inclusive | Responsible

Inspire through our mission and values

The vision of IILM University is to promote education that offers a global perspective characterized by distinctive curriculum and co-curricular programs.
In our endeavour to engage students globally for the advancement of knowledge, we encourage our community to show what we stand for – our mission and values.

Step 1:
On your Desktop: Click on Facebook or LinkedIn icon.
On your Mobile: Click on the share icon to expand more icons – Click on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Step 2:
A new window opens, login to the social media platform. (If you are already logged in on your browser or share through mobile apps, this step won’t be necessary)

Step 3:
Add text above the web card; don’t forget to add hashtags (or copy and paste from the text we suggest). When you are done, click on publish.

Step 4:
The post and image will then be shared on your account. The web card links to the related webpage on our website.

What we believe in

IILM University will foster academic excellence, application-oriented research and innovation. Our mission and values stand for what we believe in as an institution and as a community.

The webcards given below link to the IILM University website.

Amplify our Mission Statement

To educate and develop innovative, entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders.

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