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Support our Alumni community

IILM offers continuous support and engagement with the Alumni community who are well placed across industries in India and abroad. IILM Alumni are mentors to our students and are invited to interact with them for guest sessions, workshops and networking sessions to hone our students’ skills.
We encourage you to share the achievements of our alumni who are not only brand advocates but remain an integral part of the IILM community.

Step 1:
On your Desktop: Click on Facebook or LinkedIn icon.
On your Mobile: Click on the share icon to expand more icons – Click on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Step 2:
A new window opens, login to the social media platform. (If you are already logged in on your browser or share through mobile apps, this step won’t be necessary)

Step 3:
Add text above the web card; don’t forget to add hashtags (or copy and paste from the text we suggest). When you are done, click on publish.

Step 4:
The post and image will then be shared on your account. The web card links to the related webpage on our website.

From our alumni desk

We stay connected with our alumni and are always excited to hear from them and celebrate their achievements. Take a look at some of the blogs written by the IILM alumni network.
The webcards link to the IILM University blog website.

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Engaging with alumni through Webinars and Podcasts

From professional advice and life lessons to sharing their personal anecdotes, our alumni have stayed connected with our students and us, as they joined in from across the world for a virtual chat through webinars and podcasts.

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