Meraki – The Design Club

Meraki - The Design Club


Meraki, the Design Club at IILM University, serves as a dynamic and engaging platform that allows students to delve into their creative interests and showcase their talents. As an essential part of our campus life, this club is not just a space but a community that fosters creativity and the free flow of artistic ideas.

A Spectrum of Creative Activities
From the visual arts and design to various other forms of creative expression, Meraki offers a broad array of activities and events. These events are tailored to give students a chance to nurture and exhibit their artistic talents, thereby turning their passions into palpable projects.

Fostering Conversations on Design
Meraki isn’t just about doing; it’s also about thinking and discussing. The club serves as a focal point for meaningful conversations centered around the design world. This fosters a deeper understanding of aesthetics, form, and function, enriching the students’ overall perspective on design.

Club Objectives

Nurturing Talent: To identify, nurture, and encourage creative talents among the student community.
Collaborative Learning: To create an environment where students can collaborate across various disciplines, thereby fostering a multi-dimensional approach to creativity.
Cultural Enrichment: To organize events and activities that not only showcase skills but also enrich the cultural fabric of the university.

So, whether you are an artist at heart, a designer in practice, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of creative expression, Meraki is the go-to place for you.

WGSN Fashion Consumers 2025
The “WGSN Fashion Consumers 2025” event, organized by the Department of Design at IILM University, aimed to provide valuable insights into the future of fashion and consumer behavior. The event featured an expert in the field, Mr. Puneet Dudeja, who currently serves as the Director of Sales for South Asia at WGSN.

Fashion X Theatre: An Interactive Session
The primary objective of the “Fashion X Theatre: An Interactive Session” was to bridge the gap between two diverse art forms – fashion and theatre, by exploring the creative intersections and possibilities for collaboration. This event aimed to provide a platform for students to interact with an esteemed expert from the National School of Drama, Prof. Santanu Bose, and gain insights into how these two seemingly different disciplines can influence and inspire each other.

Weaving with Nature
This workshop harmoniously combines design aesthetics with the hands-on art of branch weaving, presented by the Department of Design in collaboration with The Design Club – Meraki. It’s a celebration of National Handloom Day that skillfully connects the realms of tradition and innovation.

Navrasa: A Journey Through Emotions
The primary objective of our event is to foster a sense of unity, celebrate diversity, and enhance the cultural experience at our university by exploring and showcasing the various emotions encapsulated in the Navrasa.

Shringara (Adornment) – Day 1: Styling and Mandala Art
Hasya (Laughter) – Day 2: A stand-up comedy show presented by the Comedy Club and a laughter therapy workshop.
Raudra (Anger) – Day 3: Debate competition on relevant social issues and anger management workshop.
Karuna (Compassion) – Day 4: Collaborating with an NGO for a community service activity and fundraising drive for a charitable cause.
Bhayanaka (Fear) – Day 5: Discussion on conquering personal fears.
Veer (Courage) – Day 6: Adventure sports activities organized by the Sports Club and inspirational talks on courage and bravery.
Bibhatsa (Disgust) – Day 7: Food tasting with unusual and exotic dishes & presentation on the importance of food safety and hygiene.
Adbhuta (Wonder) – Day 8: Photography Competition ( capturing pictures that convey a meaningful message) & Science and art exhibitions showcasing wonders of the world.
Shanta (Peace) – Day 9: Yoga and meditation sessions & discussion on promoting peace and harmony in our lives.

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