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Freedom to Pursue your Passion

IILM University imbibes its educational philosophy in the concept of liberal education igniting the underlying unity of all knowledge. The University provides you with an academic framework and strong skill base to facilitate the further study and for becoming an educated and successful citizen of the 21st century. Its flexible structure is designed to inspire curiosity, frame opportunities, develop critical and problem solving thought processes and allows you to pursue your passion. Liberal education educates the whole person, and prepares students to excel in a range of careers and most importantly, live lives that are purposefully and meaningfully rich. It draws you towards two distinct goals: general education across the wide range of liberal arts courses and focuses education in a chosen specialization. With help from academic advisors and coaches, students will select from a range of courses to fulfil each element of the curriculum. Students may also choose to expand their academic experience beyond the classroom through choices like research and experiential learning.


The Majors provides an opportunity to know a segment of knowledge deeply, ensuring an in-depth grasp of its modes of thinking and analysis.
The University offers more than 10 majors across the Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Design and Technology provide options for concentrating in a wide range of specialization areas. You will begin to explore your options in discussions with your coach, as well as in your course selection over the first two terms.


  • Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Design and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Interior Design
  • International Management
  • Journalism, Media and Communication
  • Law
  • Psychology

Free Electives

Free Electives give you the freedom to pursue interests that may lie outside the specialization and that extend beyond those addressed in the Ability Enhancement and Skill Enhancement Curriculum.

You can take a course in a field you may have not otherwise encountered, learn about a subject that sheds light on a potential major, study abroad, pursue a second major or minor or investigate any other area of interest.

Skill & Ability Enhancement

  • Critical Thinking
  • Academic Writing
  • Art of Communication and Story telling
  • Election Governance and Democracy
  • Leadership through Literature
  • Foreign Language
  • Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning

Degrees Awarded

Bachelor of Business Administration | Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) | Bachelor of Design | Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Law (Honors) | Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Law (Honors)

Global Connect

IILM’s partnerships include student and faculty exchange agreements with eminent academic institutions across the globe including Europe, Canada, US, UK and the Far East. Apart from the student and faculty exchange programs, IILM also hosts international students for a 4 - 6 week Short Term program which is consciously designed to blend academics and industry experience. IILM gives its students the flexibility to attend a Summer School program and choose courses from a wide range of subjects offered by our International partners.

Career Centre

Just as your educational experiences at IILM prepare you for success in employment, entrepreneurship or become a business leader, our world-class Career Centre equips you with the tools and training to proactively manage your career over a lifetime. Our experienced career coaches work with you in all aspects of your career and professional development. They will help you define your career vision, craft your résumé and cover letters, refine your interview skills and assess job offers.


Mentoring is one of the effective means to achieve value-based education and excellence in the professional world . At IILM effective mentoring programme ensures that it fully understands the circumstances and specific needs of students and delivers a service that is geared to serving their best interests and supporting their personal and professional progress. The purpose of the mentoring program is to prepare students for successful careers by integrating academic learning with real-world experiences and to become a model for workforce readiness, embraced by the community.

About IILM

IILM has a legacy of excellence in responsible management education since 1993. Capitalising on IILM’s 25-year history and experience in responsible higher education, IILM University is anchored in the philosophy of liberal education with a focus on technology. IILM has a vision to create responsible thought leaders through a global and inclusive approach and aims to promote entrepreneurship and employability. Liberal Education at IILM empowers students and prepares them to deal with diversities of the changing world through academic excellence, application-oriented research and innovation.

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