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IILM University offers Merit Cum Means Based Scholarship to all deserving candidates thus attracting the brightest of the minds. The scholarship will be a tuition fee waiver on the recommendation of the admission committee. This scholarship is announced at the time of admission. IILM University also offers the following scholarships.


  1. No two scholarships can be combined.
  2. Amount of scholarship in various categories detailed above, is offered as percentage of tuition fee.
  3. There are limited seats for each scholarship category.
  4. Awarding of Scholarship is at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

Corona Warrior Scholarship

We at IILM are aligned and conscious to the contribution of Corona Warriors working tirelessly at the hospitals, and thereby we have constituted a special scholarship for their wards.
Post the selection and an offer, for IILM University courses, the ward of a COVID Warrior – doctor, paramedic ( working specifically at State Designated Corona Hospital from the period of March 2020 ), can be considered and evaluated by the scholarship committee, for a special one-time scholarship under the “Covid-19 Scholarship Scheme”.
The scholarship will be evaluated and offered, for award to an eligible student under the following conditions:

  1. 20% waiver in the Tuition Fee will be applicable, during the period of study.
  2. This scholarship cannot be clubbed with any other scholarship/concession/activity during the course of study at the University.
  3. The scholarship will be valid for consideration during the Academic Intake Session 2020-2021 only.

Scholarships for Students of Haryana Domicile

The fee structure for the 25% of the students who are domicile of Haryana will be based on merit-cum-means as per Section 36(2) of the Haryana Private University Act 2006 and will be as follows:

  1. One-fifth of the 25% will be granted full fee concession.
  2. Two-fifth of the 25% will be granted 50% of fee concession.
  3. The balance two-fifth of the 25% will be granted 25% of fee concession.

Merit Scholarship

  • Students fulfilling the below criteria (a), (b) will be eligible for 40% scholarship
Marks/Score for Eligibility
a)Class X 80% and above
b)Class XII 85% and above
  • Students with 90% or above in 12th Standard will be eligible for 50% scholarship.
  • Students with 75% or above in 12th Standard will be eligible for 20% scholarship.

Girls Scholarship

All girl students who are selected for admission to IILM Liberal Education programme, are eligible for a 10% scholarship.

Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

Scholarship to acknowledge outstanding achievement of students in areas of Sports, Culture or Bravery in State level/ National Level will be eligible for 20%..

Scholarship for children of Defense Personnel and Wards of Martyrs

20% Scholarship for children of Defense Personnel (100% tuition fee waiver for Wards of Martyrs).

Special Scholarships

To encourage students from the states of J&K and the North-East, we offer scholarship of 20%.

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