Dr. Sujata Shahi
Group Vice Chancellor | Professor

Dr Sujata Shahi is a faculty of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources at IILM, Gurugram. She comes with an enriching experience of 30+ years and has been teaching at IILM, Gurugram for over 16 years. Dr Shahi has a keen interest in analysing the behavioural aspects of employees in organisation and has published various research papers in this area. Additionally, she has worked on research papers such as consumer behaviour, psychological issues, perception about retail sector, upcoming HR trends and multiple case studies. She has also conducted management development / training programs for corporate executives from organisations such as Concentrix, Alcatel, IBM, Engineers India Ltd., TI Auto and many service sector industries.

Qualification & Experience

  • Ph.D., Psychology, BSBR University, Bihar (1997)
            – Topic: Alienation and Personal Values
  • PGD, Bhavan’s Institute of Communications and Management (1992)
            – Major: Journalism (Felicitated with Chancellor Award – Gold Medallist)
  • MA, BSBR University, Bihar (1981)
            – Major: Psychology (1st class)
  • BA (Hons), BSBA University, Bihar (1979)
            – Major: Psychology (4th position)
  • Managing Change, Coursera

Research and Scholarly Publication

Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Published article on “Myths & Mythology regarding Money, Wealth and Acquisition” Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management, IJICBM-87961
  • Published article on- “A study of Recognition of Prior Learning and Gross Enrolment Ration in Indian Higher Education” International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, volume 4, Issue 3, Page 2195-2213, 2021
  • Published article on- “Development and Validation of Women’s Psychological Syndrome- Cinderella Complex- Revised”. Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Enquiry
  • Published article on- “Social inclusion of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in India: a literature review”. European Journal of Special Education Research, 7(4). doi:10.46827/ejse.v7i4.4024
  • Published article on- “Is Indian working women stress free in 21st century? – Studying the relationship between perceived stress, symptoms of GAD & Emotional well-being amongst working women”. Science and Engineering Journal, 24 (9), pp-143-149
  • Published article on– “Bibliometric Analysis of Studies done in Culture, Brand and Purchase Intentions in Business Management and Accounting, Social Science and Psychology à International Journal of Bibliometrics in Business and Management an InderScience Publication. (it is ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2009, indexed in CNPIEC, Google Scholar and J-Gate)
  • Published article on– “Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Aligning Informally Learned Skills to a Formal Competency & Qualification Framework From Mobility” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, VOLUME:10, ISSUE:11(2), November: 2021
  • Published article on- Experientia – Youth Interaction with Technology à Published as Conference proceedings for ANVESH 2020 Doctoral Research Conference in Management, Pages 235 – 242 (ISBN 978-81-949561-0-5)
  • Published Case Study on “Raising the Standards of hospitality through the role of innovation and culture: J usta hotel”, USA, April 2018 EBSCO HOST & Pro Quest
  • Published Case Study on -“Coffee-Retailing in India,” Published in NSB Journal.

Publications in Magazine

  • Article on “Making the Delinquents – Realise, Recover and Redefine” Psychologs, magazine Vol 3 Issue-2 pp- 20-23
  • Article on “Management by Objectives- A progressive framework in organization”, NHRD Magazine
  • Article on “Making the Delinquents Realise, Recover and Redefine”, Psychologs Magazine
  • Article on “Organization Culture-A Framework for organization excellence”, Edge Magazine, In-house magazine IILM
  • Article on “Financial Rhapsody”, Edge Magazine, In-house magazine IILM
  • Article on “Role of Six Sigma in service Industry” Edge Magazine, In-house magazine IILM
  • Article on “Corporate Social Responsibility: An insight into how it is practiced today”: with Prof. Monica Mor, Globe Magazine

Chapters Contributed

  • Contributed chapter in the book – “Managing Education Post Covid Challenges & Opportunities: Intellectual and Mental growth measures in the students after corona” (pp. 124-132). Haryana State Higher Education Council
  • Contributed chapter in the book – “The New Normal: Reinventing Professional Life and Familial Bonding in the post COVID-19 Era (a chapter) à “Transforming Familial Bond in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic”, by Bloomsbury publication, Pages 33 – 45 (ISBN 978-93-54340-80-1)
  • Contributed chapter in the book – “Sustainable Practices: Corporate Social Responsibility A Move to Achieve Desired Goals” Bloomsbury
  • Contributed chapter in the edited book “Diversity and Inclusion” Springer Nature Singapore Pte. Ltd. 2021
  • Contributed chapter in the book – “Consumer Behaviour trends in Retail sector”, Indraprastha University, book “Unleashing the power of Retail’ ISBN: 81-89547-45-3Delhi,
  • Contributed chapter in the book – “Changing Dynamics of Marketing”, Excel India Publication.
  • Contributed chapter in the book- “CSR Emerging issues and Challenges”, Cambridge university press, 2016
  • Contributed chapter in the book – “Consumer Behaviour trends in Retail sector”, Indraprastha University, National conference on Retail, published in the proceeding book “Unleashing the power of Retail’ ISBN: 81-89547-45-3Delhi, 2008

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