Dr Neha Jain
Assistant Professor

Dr. Neha is an accomplished Organizational Psychologist with academic and Industrial experience of nearly 15 years. Proven expertise in designing and delivering impactful learning and developmental programs for both students and corporate professionals. As an academician she is fluent in Organizational behavior, General Management & Psychology.
Doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T), Delhi (2018), Department of Humanities and Social sciences. Post graduate from Delhi University and graduate from Lady Shriram College for Women, (Delhi University).
A keen researcher with over 15 papers presented in National and International conferences along with several publications in the areas of Organizational Justice, Ethical Climate, Counterproductive Work Behavior and Spiritual Intelligence.


  • Ph.D (Humanities and Social Sciences with specialization in Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour), Full Time funded by Institute JRF, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi, India, 2017.
  • UGC-NET for Lectureship in Psychology, 2002
  • M.A Psychology (Organizational Behaviour), Full time from Delhi University, securing 65%, 2000-2002.
  • B.A (Hons.) Psychology, Lady Shriram College for Women, Delhi University, securing 64%,1997-2000.
  • ISC, St. Maria Gorretti Inter College, securing 91%,1996-1997.
  • ICSE, St. Maria Gorretti Inter College, securing 80%,1994-1995.


Research and Scholarly Publications

  • Singh,P. & Jain,N.(2009). Positive Organizational Behavior: Its Importance for Present Day Organizations. Soft Skills: Cornerstone of professional Success, Jain Brothers, New Delhi.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2009). Organizational Culture as a Moderator of the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Outcome Variables. Changing Paradigms in Management Practices, Apeejay Stya Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.
  • Jain,N.(2020). Organizational Justice and Behavioral Outcomes: Does dominant organizational culture dominate the relationship? A study across public and private sector organizations. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol 10, pg 4
  • Jain,N. & Singh, P.(2022). Development of a Tool to measure Counterproductive Work Behaviour: A Two Dimensional Approach. Submitted to Vikalpa- Journal for Decision Makers.
  • Jain,N.(2022). A Qualitative study exploring the causes of Counterproductive Work Behaviours among college students in Indian context. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Vol 11, Issue:3, pg 26-31.


Paper Presentations

  • Jain, N. & Singh,.P.(2006). Organizational Justice and its Behavioral Outcomes: A study of Public and Private Sectors. Paper presented at 16th National Academy of Psychology(NAOP) Conference held at IIT Bombay from 14th to 16th December,2006.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2007). Does Organizational Justice Matter? A study of Private and Public Sector Organizations. Paper presented at 11th International and 42nd National Conference of IAAP on Applied Psychology for a Peaceful World held at Jamia Millia Islamia from 15th to 17th February,2007.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2007). Ethical Climate as a Moderator of Counterproductive work Behaviour and Outcome Variables. Paper presented at XVII Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) held at IIT Kanpur from 17th to 19th December,2007.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2008). Organizational Culture as a moderator of the relationship between Organizational Justice and Outcome variables. Paper presented at National Conference on Changing Paradigms in Management Practices held at Apeejay School of Management on 15th May,2008.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,.P.(2008). Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction: Does Culture Moderate the Relationship? Paper presented at XXIX International Congress of Psychology held at ICC Berlin, Germany from 20th to 25th July, 2008.( Co chair of the session on Organizational Justice and Cultural Values).
  • Jain,N. & Singh,.P.(2009). Development of a tool to measure Counterproductive work behavior. Paper Presented at 8Th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology held in India from 11th – 14th December, 2009.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,.P.(2009). Counterproductive work behavior: Antecedents, Context and Consequences. Paper Presented at 8Th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology held in India from 11th – 14th December, 2009.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2010). Counterproductive Work Behavior: When will people indulge in such behaviors? Paper presented at XXth Annual conference of National Academy of Psychology (NOAP) held from 12th – 14th December, 2010.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2011). Development of a Spiritual Intelligence Questionnaire (SIQ). Paper presented at National Conference on Psychological Measurement: Strategies for the new millennium, March 4-5, 2011,IGNOU, New Delhi.
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2011). Organizational Justice as a moderator in the relationship between Counterproductive Work Behavior and Employee Outcomes. Paper presented at 9th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology, Kunming, China, 28-31 July, 2011
  • Jain,N. & Singh,P.(2012). Testing Ethical climate as the moderator in the relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Counterproductive Work Behavior: An Indian perspective. Paper presented at 30th International Congress of Psychology, 22-27 July 2012, Cape Town.
  • R.Anushri, N.Shiva & Jain.N(2023). Does Bottom –Line Mentality Foster Counterproductive work behavior? Paper Presented at SWAM 23, Annual Meeting of Southwest Academy of Management, Huston, March 8-11’23.

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