Today Internet and cyber space have become an integral part of our lives. Every company or institution is using the internet and the electronic ecosystem. Electronic data has acquired the default status and students studying various courses are required and expected to be well conversant with the peculiarities and features of cyberspace and its various legal aspects.

Students and professionals are likely to know about the basic aspects of the internet, the World Wide Web and cyberspace as also the connected technical, policy and legal implications.

This course enables the students and professionals to be better acquainted with the practical aspects of cyberspace and associated legal ramifications. It helps the students to prepare on how to deal with cyberspace and digital elements in their prospective job responsibilities.

This course further assists the students to understand the practical nuances pertaining to data and information in the electronic form and in cyberspace that they need to be well equipped before joining any organization.

The course not only enables the students to understand and appreciate the legal ramifications of their activities in cyberspace but also guides on how the cyber law impacts the business and legal interests of the potential employers.

In a nutshell, the course prepares students to have a broad overview of the basic characteristics, features and elements of cyberspace and their legal ramifications which students ought to know before entering into any employment.

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The course will be a one-month Certificate Course.


The course will start from 20th March 2023. Last date for registration is 15th March 2023.
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This course/program would cover the following curriculum:-

  1. Cyberspace – Concept – Growing Dimension & Relevance To Today’s Era
  2. Cyberlaw – Origin – Beginning And Developments So Far
  3. Cyberspace – Social Media – Law And Today’s Era
  4. Cyberspace – Cyber Security And Law
  5. Cybercrimes And Law
  6. Cyberspace – Legal Issues And Challenges Like Attribution And Internet Jurisdiction

Case Methodology

The present course would be based on case study based methodology and will be helpful to make students to know about the importance of Cyberlaw in their daily life. This would help students to know about the daily challenges that they are facing in cyberspace.

Target Audience

All students and professionals of management, law and other disciplines.

Course Benefits

After doing the course, the attendees will have the following benefits:-

  • The certificate course will enable the participants to have an introductory overview on cutting-edge issues and aspects pertaining to various subjects that will be discussed in the course;
  • The participants would be enabled to have in-depth analysis and understanding from industry thought leaders, academicians and thought leaders on the said subjects so that they can learn from the perspectives and experience of acknowledged thought leaders in the said subjects;
  • The participants will also get practical understanding of how the said subjects will have a direct bearing on their day-to-day digital operations and activities;
  • This course will also sensitize the participants about international approaches on the said subjects and how the Indian perspectives on cyberspace are evolving;
  • The said course will enable the participants on different aspects of digital operations to be more clued with the latest developments on the said subjects;
  • The participants will be digitally aware and able to enhance their digital capacity skills.

Consideration For Students

At the end of the present course, each student would be provided with certificate for completion to be issued by IILM University.

Mode of Course

The course would be offered in online mode on the servers provided by the coordinator/s.


The cost of the course would be Rs. 7500/- per student.

Course Coordinator

This program would be conducted by Dr. Pavan Duggal, internationally renowned expert and authority on Cyberlaw, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world.

Dr. Duggal is a regular on the lecture circuit. He has spoken at over 2000 Conferences, Seminars and Workshops in the last two decades, and has lectured extensively in select Law Colleges. As a writer, he has made his mark with 179 Books on various aspects of the law in the last 20 years. Dr. Pavan Duggal’s books have been conferred various awards by Book Authority in various categories over a couple of years. In addition, he has been conferred with various awards including “Ordre du Merite de Budapest”, Council of Europe Economic Crime Division, November 2011, Strasbourg. He had contributed a continuing weekly column on diverse aspects of the law, titled ‘Brief Cases’ to the Economic Times, for almost a decade.

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